The 2022 Elections were held on 8 October 2022.

You can view the final results here: 2022 Elections Final Results


Looking to enrol to vote?

The Electoral Commission looks after enrolments for voting.

If you are uncertain if you are enrolled, have recently turned 18, become a Resident or moved you may want to check if you are enrolled and get enrolled!

You can also ring the Electoral Commission, anytime, on 0800 36 76 56Or- you can contact us and we can post out a form for you to fill in and return to the Electoral Commission- it is even free postage.

Once you have done this you can complete a Special Vote with us.

If you need help contacting the Electoral Commission get in touch with our Elections team.


Electoral Boundaries

Trying to work out what you can vote in for these elections- with four Councils, Community Boards and Licensing Trusts it can be confusing.

Use our interactive map to learn what you will be voting for in these upcoming elections.

Electoral Boundaries Map


This works for any address in Southland so if you live Invercargill and own property in Riverton you can see what you can vote in both Invercargill and Riverton, and if you live in Winton and own property in Gore you can see what you can vote for in Winton and Gore.


Voting System for 2025

Each term Council can chose what election method it wishes to use- if it changes then the new system must be used for the next two elections.

We can chose between First Past the Post (the current system) and Single Transferable Vote.

We will be asking you what you would like in 2023. Watch this space!


Electoral Officer Contact Details

The Electoral Officer is responsible for the conduct of the election.

Anthony Morton
Electoral Officer
Phone: 0800 666 048
Email: iro@electionz.com

Michael Morris
Deputy Electoral Officer
Phone: 03 211 8396
Email michael.morris@icc.govt.nz