2016 Elections

Invercargill’s re-elected Tim Shadbolt to serve an eighth term as Mayor. He won the Mayoralty with 11,590 votes from candidates Tom Conroy (6,109 votes) and Karen Arnold (3,193 votes). Four new Councillors were elected: Toni Biddle, Alex Crackett, Lesley Soper and Allan Arnold.

Invercargill City Council Electoral Officer Graham Low said 21,378 votes were received which represents a voter return percentage of 54.9%.

The inaugural Council meeting will be held in the Council Chamber on October 26 at 4pm. The first meeting for the unchanged Bluff Community Board will be held at the Bluff Municipal Chambers on October 31 at 7pm. The final results:


Election Results

Invercargill City Mayoralty (1 vacancy)

SHADBOLT, Tim 11,618

CONROY, Tom 6,118
ARNOLD, Karen 3,198


 Invercargill City Council (12 vacancies)
LUDLOW, Darren                                             9,666
ESLER, Lloyd                                              9,573
BIDDLE, Toni                                               9,544
AMUNDSEN, Rebecca                                            8,547
LEWIS, Graham                                             8,136
CRACKETT, Alex                                               7,846
ARNOLD, Karen                                              7,793
SOPER, Lesley                                             7,632
POTTINGER, Ian                                                7,162
ARNOLD, Allan                                              7,142
THOMAS, Lindsay                                            6,949
ABBOTT, Lindsay                                             6,153
SYCAMORE, Graham 6,147
BONIFACE, Neil 6,133
KETT, Peter 5,936
LEYS, Andrew 5,808
TURNBULL, Jon 5,276
SURENDRAN, Rochelle 5,058
ROHAN, Dave 4,967
DOW, Lindsay 4,528
KENNEDY, Dave 4,382
McEWAN, Wayne 3,752
PLEASANCE, Shane 3,720
THWAITES, Regan 3,647
THOMAS, Neil Leonard 3,526
HEENAN, Carl E 3,082
FOWLER, Kylie 3,054
FRASER, Brent 2,673
TRIBE, Rodney 2,591
CHERNISHOV, Stevey 2,261
SANFORD, Mike 1,346
Invercargill Licensing Trust Board (6 vacancies)

O’BRIEN, Paddy 11,146
PRENTICE, Suzanne 10,559
MIKA, Mike 10,472
NEWELL, Angela Mary 8,912
DENNIS, Alan 7,805
BELLEW, Sean 6,747

YOUNG, John Norman Philip 6,580
DOWLING, Tom 5,080
HEENAN, Carl E 3,247



Donations and Expenses

6Section 112A of the Local Electoral Act 2001 requires every candidate at any election to file a Return of Electoral Donations and Expenses within 55 days of the official declaration of the election results.  All returns filed under this section are to be made available for public inspection for a period of seven years and during this period the Electoral Officer must also publish, electronically or in any other manner he considers appropriate, every return so filed.


ARNOLD, Karen Frances
CONROY, Thomas Brian
SHADBOLT, Timothy Richard


Invercargill City Council

ABBOTT, Lindsay
AMUNDSEN, Rebecca Raer
ARNOLD, Allan James
ARNOLD, Karen Frances
BIDDLE, Toni Marie
BONIFACE, Neil Douglas
CHERNISHOV, Stephen John
CHERRINGTON, Christian Anne
CRACKETT, Alex Holly
DOW, Lindsay Allan
ESLER, Irwin Lloyd
FOWLER, Helen Kylie
FRASER, Brent Thomas
HALLIGAN, Rosemarie Therese
HEENAN, Carl Edward
KENNEDY, David John
KETT, Peter Warren
LEWIS, Graham David
LEYS, Andrew David
LUDLOW, Darren James
McEWAN, Wayne Douglas
PLEASANCE, Shane Edward
ROHAN, David Patrick
SANFORD, Michael Keith
SOPER, Lesley Frances
SURENDRAN, Rochelle Monique
SYCAMORE, Graham John
THOMAS, Lindsay Stewart
THOMAS, Neil Leonard
THWAITES, Regan Joseph
TRIBE, Rodney Louis
TURNBULL, Michael Jonathan

Invercargill Licensing Trust

BELLEW, Sean Peter
DENNIS, Alan Geoffrey
DOWLING, Thomas Edwin
HEENAN, Carl Edward
MIKA, Michael Alaifatu
NEWELL, Angela Mary
O’BRIEN, Patric Denis
YOUNG, John Norman Philip

Bluff Community Board

FIFE, Raymond Joseph Carroll
GLASSEY, Wyma Elizabeth
HENDERSON, Gloria Violet
LAIDLAW, Graham Andrew
YOUNG, Patricia Anne

Bluff Community Pool Trust Board

COOPER, Angela Janice
JOHNSON, Sandra Lynn
MORRIS, Anthony Craig