2020 General Election – Hoardings

The 2020 National Elections are here.

The Invercargill City District Plan has a number of rules that apply to signs throughout the City district and as such we have applied for and had granted a Resource Consent for all Parties to put up hoardings and other election signs.

Click here for the Full Resource Consent Conditions.

Important Information

Signs/ Election Hoardings can be erected from 18 July 2020.

You must have the approval of the owner / occupier of the property to do so and be able to present this if requested.

You can not place signs on Invercargill City Council controlled land, including all parks and reserves.

All signs must be removed the day before Election day – i.e. 16 October 2020 in accordance with the Electoral Act.

Signs can not be placed within 9 Meters of an intersection – this diagram shows our Roading team’s interpretation of this.

If you wish to use Trailer Signage you will also need to complete this permit from our Roading team.

Please send your completed form to corridormanager@icc.govt.nz

You must comply with all conditions listed in the Trailer permit.

Your party must also comply with all other rules relating to Election signs.

Election Signs Complaints:

If you have a complaint about where a sign is located please contact Jeremy Bond: compliance@icc.govt.nz, 03 211 1614.

If you have a complaint about the content of a sign then you will need to contact the Electoral Commission:

0800 36 76 56


PO Box 3220
Wellington 6140

Any other questions please contact Michael Morris, Deputy Electoral Officer, Invercargill City Council.

Email: Michael.Morris@icc.govt.nz Phone: 03 2111 777