2021 By-Election

Marcus Lush has been elected to the Invercargill City Council, after voting in the by-election closed at midday today. Read more here.

Final results

The final result for the Invercargill City Council by-election that closed on Wednesday 17 February 2021 is:

Marcus LUSH is declared elected.
The voter return was 36.58%, being 14,700 votes.

LUSH, Marcus7,371
HARPUR, Wayne1,534
EDWARDS, Simon1,134
MULROONEY, Kevin1,115
DOWNEY, Tom1,028
DEVINE, Wade894
HEENAN, Carl432
GOLDSMITH, Bernadine146

Progress results

These results are based upon the counting of approximately 95 per cent of the returned votes.
The progress result does not include some special votes or votes returned today which are still in transit to the processing centre. Preliminary results will include votes returned on the day, but not the special votes and will be available tomorrow. Final confirmation of results, which will include special votes, will be made on Saturday.

LUSH, Marcus7,003
HARPUR, Wayne1,457
EDWARDS, Simon1,090
MULROONEY, Kevin1,069
DOWNEY, Tom967
DEVINE, Wade849
HEENAN, Carl418
GOLDSMITH, Bernadine144

Voting for the Invercargill City Council By-election closes at Midday today. You can drop your ballots off at the Bluff Service Centre, Invercargill Public Library or CAB Building on Esk Street. Progress results will be announced this afternoon.

With the resignation of Cr Toni Biddle from Council there is now an extra-ordinary vacancy at the Council table – now is an amazing time to step up and help make a difference to our Community.

Key dates

Nominations open 24 November 2020

Nominations close 12pm 22 December 2020

26 January- Voting and Special Voting opens

17 February- Election day- the Poll closes at 12pm.

Voting Open!

Voting is now open in the Invercargill City Council By-election.

NZ Post will deliver your papers from 26 January and all address should have the papers by 2 February.

Once you have voted follow the instructions provided and drop your vote into any NZ Post mail box. You can also drop off your vote to the ballot boxes at the Bluff Service Centre, City Library and the Council Main Building on Esk Street. If you do come to drop your vote off please do not forget to sign on for Covid-19 tracing purposes.

If you do not receive your papers or you are on the unpublished roll you need to do a Special Vote. These can be done at the Bluff Service Centre or Council Main Building. We can also send the documents to you- please email Michael.Morris@icc.govt.nz or ring  03 2111 777.

There is still time to enrol to vote! If you are not enrolled please follow the link below on how to enrol or fill in the paper form and take it to the Registrar of Electors in Windsor, then came and see us to do a Special Vote.

Voting Numbers:

Follow this link to see the number of votes coming in each day:


Enrolling to Vote:

Follow this link to enrol to vote online:



Wade Devine

Tom Downey

Simon Edwards

Bernadine Goldsmith

Carl Heenan

Wayne Harpur

Marcus Lush

Kevin Mulrooney

David Pottinger

Candidate Profile Statements

Click here to view the candidate profile statements and photos

Enrolling to vote

Invercargill City Council uses the postal voting method to elect its members.

If you are enrolled to vote, you will receive a voting document and candidate information booklet in the post, and a Freepost return envelope. Voting documents are sent out to all eligible voters three weeks before Election Day 17 February 2021. You need to complete and return your papers to the Electoral Officer by no later than 12 noon on Election Day 17 February 2021.

The Invercargill City Council use the First Past the Post system.

Voting from outside Invercargill

Do you own property in the Invercargill City district but do not live there? you can still vote in the by-election.

Please complete this form and return it as provided on the form.

If you did this in 2019 you will already be added to the list and can vote.

Special voting
You can apply for a special vote during the voting period if one of these situations applies:

  • Your name does not appear on the final electoral roll, but you qualify as an elector
  • You did not receive a voting document
  • You spoiled or damaged a voting document previously posted to you
  • Your name appears on the unpublished electoral roll

You can apply for a special vote by:

  • contacting the Deputy Electoral Officer, or officials.
  • calling into the Invercargill City Council or Bluff Service Centre offices during the voting period before Election Day.

When completing a special vote, you will also need to fill in a statutory declaration. This is a legal requirement and protects against possible duplicate voting.

Invercargill City Council (as a Councillor)

(1 Councillor required)

  • The candidate must be a New Zealand citizen.
  • The candidate must be a parliamentary elector whose name appears on a Parliamentary Electoral Roll (anywhere in New Zealand).
  • A candidate may not have concerns or interest in contracts over $25,000 with the Invercargill City Council, unless the Audit Office has granted a waiver.
  • An employee of a local authority elected must resign from his/her position as an employee before taking office.
  • Those who nominate candidates must be electors of the Invercargill City Electoral Roll.

Election protocols

Election protocols for ICC officers – PDF

The by-election will be held on 17 February 2021. The period leading up to an election is a time of increased interest and attention on Invercargill City Council officers, particularly in their dealings with current elected members, candidates, and the general public.

These protocols provide guidance for ICC officers, including contractors and consultants, in relation to:

  • interacting and communicating with current elected members, candidates and the public in the pre-election period;
  • participating in political activity (including standing for office) during a local government election;
  • balancing personal and professional interests in a politically neutral way.

For further guidance or for clarification of these guidelines, please contact the Deputy Electoral Officer, Michael Morris, 211 8396 or michael.morris@icc.govt.nz

The Invercargill City District Plan has a number of rules that apply to signs throughout the City district and as such we have applied for and had granted a Resource Consent for all Parties to put up hoardings and other election signs.

Resource Consent – Election Signs / Hoardings

Resource consent for election signs

Important Information

Signs/ Election Hoardings can be erected from 23 December 2020.

You must have the approval of the owner / occupier of the property to do so and be able to present this if requested.

You cannot place signs on Invercargill City Council controlled land, including all parks and reserves.

All signs must be removed the day by 19 February- two days after the election.

Signs can not be placed within 9 Meters of an intersection – this diagram shows our Roading team’s interpretation of this.

If you wish to use Trailer Signage you will also need to complete this permit from our Roading team.

Please send your completed form to corridormanager@icc.govt.nz

You must comply with all conditions listed in the Trailer permit.

Your party must also comply with all other rules relating to Election signs.

Election Signs Complaints:

If you have a complaint about where a sign is located please contact Jeremy Bond: compliance@icc.govt.nz, 03 211 1614.

If you have a complaint about the content of a sign or any other issues then you will need to contact

Michael Morris, Deputy Electoral Officer, Invercargill City Council.

Email: Michael.Morris@icc.govt.nz Phone: 03 2111 777