2022 Elections Notice

Invercargill City Council
Further Notice of Election

Nominations have closed for the 2022 triennial local authority elections. Listed below are details of the confirmed candidates for Invercargill City Council and Invercargill Licensing Trust.

Where elections are required, they will be conducted by postal voting using the First Past the Post (FPP) electoral system. Voting will open on Friday 16 September 2022 and will close at 12 noon on Saturday 8 October 2022.

Mayor (1 vacancy)

  • BIDDLE, Toni (Independent)
  • BOND, Ria (Independent)
  • CHERNISHOV, Stevey
  • CLARK, Nobby (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • LUDLOW, Darren
  • LUSH, Marcus MORTON, Tom
  • PETERSON, Noel James
  • WALTER, Jacqueline (Independent)


Council – At Large (12 vacancies)

  • ALLEN, Dene
  • AMUNDSEN, Rebecca (Leading Change – Spirit of Service)
  • ARNOLD, Allan (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • BLACKBURN, Eddie
  • BOND, Ria (Independent)
  • BOYLE, Trish (Commonsense Community Commitment)
  • BROWN, Kevin (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • CAMPBELL, Tom (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • CRACKETT, Alex (Independent)
  • DERMODY, Grant (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • EDWARDS, Ian
  • GRABER, Kari
  • HAPUKU, Kerry (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • HERMAN, Karl (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • KETT, Peter Warren
  • KING, Terry (Ratepayer Advocate)
  • KNOWLES, Francine (Independent)
  • LEWIS, Graham
  • LOAN, Malcolm
  • LOUDON, Dave
  • LUDLOW, Darren
  • MARSHALL, Peter (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • MORTON, Tom D
  • MULROONEY, Kevin (Independent)
  • MURRELL, Rick (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • PETERSON, Noel James
  • SKELT, Nigel Dean
  • SMITH, Bevan (LETS GO Invercargill)
  • SOPER, Lesley
  • STEWART, Barry (LETS GO Invercargill)


Bluff Community Board (5 vacancies)

  • BAILEY, Rach
  • FERNANDEZ, Miguel
  • FIFE, Ray
  • GRAHAM, Sam
  • JARVIS, Marc
  • MOORE, Lyn (New Nation Party)
  • STOCKWELL, Terina
  • SUTHERLAND, Justin
  • TOPI, Tammi
  • TORETTO, Monica


Invercargill Licensing Trust (6 vacancies)

  • BELLEW, Sean
  • CAREY, Sheree
  • DIACK, Kirsten
  • EVANS, Louise
  • HAWKES (HAWKSY), Graham
  • LOWE, Nigel
  • MCDONALD, Reece
  • NEWELL, Angela
  • O’BRIEN, Paddy
  • PRENTICE, Suzanne
  • SANFORD, Mike (Mike & About)


Enrolment and Special Voting Arrangements

Invercargill City Council residents who are not listed on the Invercargill City Council final electoral roll can enrol by calling 0800 36 76 56, visiting the Electoral Commission website: www.vote.nz, by texting your name and address to 3676 to get a form sent to you or by email request
to enquiries@elections.govt.nz up to 4pm on Friday 7 October 2022.

Invercargill City Council ratepayers who are not listed on the Invercargill City Council final electoral roll can obtain enrolment forms at the Invercargill City Council office, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill up to 4pm on Friday 7 October 2022. Online applications for ratepayer elector
registration can also be made online: www.electionz.com/ratepayer.

Special voting documents will be available during normal office hours from Friday 16 September to Friday 7 October and between 9am and 12noon, Saturday 8 October 2022 at the Invercargill City Council, Civic Administration Building, Ground Floor, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill, the Vote Murihiku Elections Hub Invercargill Central Esk Street, or the Bluff Service Centre, 94-98 Gore Street, Bluff.

If time allows, special voting documents can be posted out directly to electors. The completed voting paper, however, must be in the hands of the Electoral Officer or Deputy Electoral Officer by 12 noon Saturday 8 October 2022.

Anthony Morton
Electoral Officer – Invercargill City Council
PO Box 3138 Christchurch 8140
0800 666 048