2023 Parliamentary Elections – Sign Rules

In addition to the Invercargill City Council (ICC) by-election there are also the national elections being held in October this year.

Signs – including political party and candidate signs are managed by the Invercargill City District Plan 2019 and require a Resource Consent to be applied for.

This was applied for by the ICC Elections team on behalf of all political parties and candidates seeking to stand in the Invercargill Electorate (note this Electorate is bigger than the ICC District) and was granted on 10 July 2023.


The Resource Consent can be seen here.


This is in addition to the rules set out by the Electoral Commission who run this election. See their website here:



Signs can be erected from Saturday 12 August 2023 and must be removed by 11.59pm (23:59pm) on Friday 13 October – the day before Election Day, Saturday 14 October 2023.


Intersection and signs

There are strict rules on the placement signs at intersections. The diagram below shows how our Roading team interpret this:

Note: The shaded area means no signs can be erected. Please note the top of the T-intersection shows no signs can be placed there.


General Rules

Signs must not be bigger than three (3) square metres and cannot be illuminated. You must have the approval of the landowner to place a sign on their property. Staff can request to see this if there is a complaint.


State Highways

Written approval from Waka Kotahi is required when you plan to place a sign on the edge of a State Highway where the speed limit is more than 50km/h. Written approval is not required where the speed limit is 50km/h or less.


Trailer Signs

Trailer signs require a permit from our Roading team. Please complete this form and email it to: corridormanager@icc.govt.nz



Should you see a sign that you believe is in breach of these rules please contact Council on 03 2111 777 and ask for the Compliance team or via our website.

If your complaint relates to the election requirements of the sign please contact the Electoral Commission 0800 36 76 56 (or see this link: https://elections.nz/contact/)

If the complaint relates to the contents of the sign in terms of truth, accuracy, advocacy and offensiveness, please contact the Advertising Standards Authority