Enrolling to vote

To vote in a local authority, you need to be enrolled on either the residential roll (the same roll which is used at the General Elections for government and which is administered by Elections New Zealand) or on the ratepayer electoral roll (people who do not live in Invercargill but own property – this roll is administered by the Council).

Residential roll

You are eligible to enrol on the residential roll if you:

  • are 18 years of age or older; and
  • are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, and have lived in New Zealand continuously, at any time, for one year or more, and
  • have lived at your current address for more than one month.

If you are eligible:

  • Complete the appropriate form at any PostShop
  • Phone 0800 ENROLNOW ( 0800 367 656 )

How to enrol

If you have already registered to be on the parliamentary (electoral) roll, you are automatically enrolled on the local authority residential roll at the address where you live.  You do not have to be a ratepayer to qualify for enrolment on the residential roll.

Change your address

To change your address details on the residential roll you can:

  • complete the appropriate form at any PostShop or
  • or Phone 0800 ENROLNOW ( 0800 367 656 )

Ratepayer roll

If you are enrolled on the parliamentary roll in one local authority area and pay rates on a property in another, you may be eligible to apply for enrolment on the ratepayer roll (for the local authority area in which you pay rates but don’t reside).

Associations, companies, trusts or bodies corporate paying rates on a property may nominate one of its members or officers as a ratepayer elector (provided that both the person nominating and the nominee live outside the local authority area).

You are eligible to enrol on the ratepayer roll if you:

  • are a registered parliamentary elector, and
  • are a non-resident ratepayer who has applied for enrolment on the ratepayer roll, or if you
  • are a resident outside of Invercargill City and have been nominated by an association, company, trust or body corporate paying rates on a property in Invercargill.

Ratepayer enrolment form and more information

Find out more about the 2019 Local Body Elections and contact details for the Council Electoral Officer here to find out more if you are unsure if you qualify.

Alternatively, download a copy of the 2019 Ratepayer Enrolment Form.

2019 Councillors

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Election protocols

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