Fees finder

Links to the 2019-2020 fees and charges; the information is also available as a single document. All fees and charges include GST unless otherwise stated.

Airport 2019-2020
Animal Services 2019-2020

Building Services 2019-2020
Buses 2019-2020

Cemeteries and Crematorium 2019-2020
Corporate 2019-2020

Dog-related fees – Animal Services 2019-2020

Environmental Health 2019-2020 (includes fees related to food premises, camping grounds, hairdressers, funeral directors, offensive trades, change of ownership, skin piercing (subject to Bylaw), hazardous substances, gambling venues, fees and fines and other charges)

Housing Care 2019-2020

Invercargill Venue and Events Management Ltd 2019-2020

Libraries and Archives 2019-2020

Miscellaneous 2019-2020
Museum 2019-2020 NOTE: The Southland Museum and Art Gallery was closed to the public in April 2018 after expert advice was received regarding the condition and safety of the museum buildings in the event of an earthquake.

Parking 2019-2020 (Compliance)
Parks and Reserves 2019-2020
Pools 2019-2020

Resource Management 2019-2020
Roading 2019-2020

Sewerage 2019-2020
Solid waste 2019-2020 (Invercargill and Bluff transfer station fees)

Water Supply 2019-2020