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Changes to the Food Act recognise that all food businesses and providers are different.
Businesses that serve food must make sure what they produce is safe and suitable for their customers. Under the new rules, how your business is regulated will depend on the type of food you make or sell, and the level of food safety risks involved.

As we embrace the new take on the Food Safety rules, we want to ensure that all new and existing food businesses including fundraisers in Invercargill can continue to grow and bring their unique flavour to the local community.

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How to register a new food business

The Food Act 2014 which came into force on 1 March 2016 is designed to modernise food safety measures.

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Register a new food business

All food businesses must register on a Food Control Plan or under a National Programme. Here are the details, forms and fees.

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Events, markets, food stalls

Find out about the regulations you need to comply with if you want to sell food at occasional events like markets and fairs.

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The regulations you need to comply with if you’re making and selling food for fundraising, events or as part of a club or society.

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