How to register a new food business

The Food Act 2014  is designed to modernise food safety measures and to ensure that the food your business prepares and sells is safe and suitable to eat.

Registration forms

Registration of a Food Control Plan or National Plan
Verification Agreement
Terms and conditions

The appropriate Scope of Operations form and templates can be found here if required:
Scope of Operations and Templates

Fees and charges

Changes to your Licence Information

Notify any changes in the licence information to the Environmental Health team. This includes change of ownership, change of address, change to the nature of the business or to processes in the Scope of Operations.


Contacts and related links

What type of registration does your business need?

Food control plans

A food control plan (FCP) sets out what steps a business making or selling higher-risk foods needs to take to make safe food. You use it to identify risks and show how they’re being managed. It means customers will know your food is safe – and it can help you create a successful food business.

National programmes

Lower and medium risk businesses follow a national programme. This means they don’t need to use written food control plans, but must register the business, meet food safety standards, keep some records, and get checked.

There are 3 levels of national programmes, which are based on the food safety risk of the activities a business does:

  • Level 1 – lower risk
  • Level 2 – medium risk
  • Level 3 – higher risk.

Custom Food Control Plans

Manufacturers of high-risk foods or businesses which need multiple Food Act registrations will need a custom Food Control Plan (FCP) and register it with MPI. Other businesses can also choose this type of plan to personalise the way they manage food safety. MPI have created step-by-step processes so you can see what’s involved.

Follow the links below to understand where your business fits within the scope of operations:

My Food Rules Complete the online questionnaire, then follow to prompts to complete your personalised Food Control Plan or National Programme.

Food Safety Toolkit MPI notebook provides help on starting your food business and meeting food safety rules

Forms and templates Download record blanks for food service

What’s in our food? Learn about how to avoid getting sick from bacteria and viruses in food.

Food labelling Find out the correct way to label your food and drink.

Food Safety Toolkit Get guidance and resources to  help you understand and meet your responsibilities under the Food Act 2014.

Information about Food Control Plans and national programmes are available in other languages. Check the Forms and Templates page

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