Register a new food business

From 1 March 2016 the Food Act 2014 requires that all new food businesses register on a Food Control Plan or under a National Programme, depending on the food safety risk of the activities undertaken.

Businesses involved in higher-risk activities (such as preparing meals) will be regulated differently to those that are seen as lower-risk (such as businesses that sell pre-packaged food or grow vegetables).

Depending on the type of business, the Act requires that all food businesses register under one of the three risk-based measurement options. Additional   food safety information is available from the following Invercargill City Council and Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) links.

First things first: where does your business fit?

Use this MPI tool to find out what rules you need to follow under the Food Act 2014.


1. Template Food Control Plan

A Food Control Plan is a step-by-step guide on food safety procedures that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. The template includes pre-printed records, forms and a diary.


2. Custom Food Control Plan

Businesses in this category must register their business with MPI.


3. National Programmes

A National Programme is the way that lower-risk food businesses operate under the Food Act 2014. Find out more on how to set up and register your business under a national programme.


Registration forms

As a food operator your business must comply with the requirements of the Act. Below are the forms and documents you may need when registering a food control plan or national programme.

Fees and charges

The following link takes you to the current Environmental Health fees and charges.

Changes to your licence Information

Notify any changes in the licence information to the Food Team. This includes change of ownership, change of address, change to the nature of the business or to processes in the Scope of Operations.


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