Community Wellbeing Fund

The Community Wellbeing Fund was initially established in November, 2020.

As part of its response to Covid-19, Council has reviewed its community funding with the aim of making it easier to apply and to introduce a more strategic approach to supporting the community. This fund has the goal of supporting social, cultural, environmental and economic wellbeing as well as supporting the Council’s vision to create “Our city with heart – He Ngākau Aroha”.

The Community Wellbeing Fund replaced the previous Council funds, the Community Grants Fund, the Neighbourhood Fund, the Iconic Events and the Development Events Fund. This fund will distribute up to $500,000 each year across six funding rounds.


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Do you have an idea for an activity that supports wellbeing in Invercargill?

Applications are invited from groups and organisations seeking funds for a project or event which aligns with Council’s vision.

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Key documents

For further information about this fund or for any queries you may have regarding applications, please contact Gemma Crawford, Engagement and Partnerships Officer +64 021 678 181 or 03 2111 798


Funding allocations for 2021–2022

Funding is allocated across six rounds spread throughout the year.

Round 1 is now closed. You can view the successful grants in the table below:

Name of Organisation Name of Activity Allocation
Indian Community Southland Inc. Diwali $7,500
Southern Adventurers Guild Dungeons and Dragons $3,263
New Zealand Red Cross Southland Cheese Roll $2,381
Southland Life Education Community Trust Banners & Printer $537
TOTAL   $13,681


Round 2 is now closed. You can view the successful grants in the table below:

Name of Organisation Name of Activity Allocation
Southland Motorcycle Club Burt Munro Challenge 2022 $30,000
Southland Christmas Parade Charitable Trust Storage Facility for Floats $13,800
KiwiHarvest Ltd. Invercargill Branch Set Up $10,000
Love Local Charitable Trust Website Development $7,000
Otatara Landcare Group Inc. Otatara Pigeon Post $5,600
Loss and Grief Support Trust Loss + Grief Centre Operating Costs $5,000
Foveaux Pearls Leisure Marching Team 30th National Leisure Marching Event $2,000
Athletics Southland Inc. 2022 South Island Colgate Games $1,500
People First New Zealand Inc. Invercargill Local People First Group $1,500
TOTAL   $76,400


Round 3 closed 30 November 2021.

Round 4 closed 28 January 2022.

Round 5 closed 25 March 2022.

Round 6 closes 27 May 2022.


Did you receive funding for an activity that was held within the last 2 months? We require accountability to show how the money received has been spent and what the outcomes of the activity were. Please click here to fill in the accountability online or download and print our pdf.

Funding 2020/2021 overview

Three funding rounds took place in the 2020/2021 year. During this period:

  • 52 applications were received
  • 35 were allocated funding
  • 2 were deferred

Those applications which did not receive funding were declined for a number of reasons, primarily due to the requested investment and outcomes not being sufficiently aligned to the Council’s priorities and vision.

Applications were more likely to be highly scored on liveability and for taking place within the city centre.  Fewer applications were seen which scored highly on promoting economic and environmental wellbeing.

Refer to the document below for a full list of the applications and their funding outcomes:

  Number of projects % of possible points % funding allocated towards a wellbeing
City centre 21 33% 55%
Economic wellbeing 25 19% 80%
Liveability (social and cultural wellbeing) 35 63% 100%
Environmental wellbeing 21 34% 64%