Future of Wachner Pl, Esk St West under consideration

The Invercargill City Council is asking the community for feedback on further inner city redevelopment.

In a report presented to Council on Tuesday, the Moving forward with City Block and City Centre Streets Consultation Document offers three unique yet adjacent points for the community to consider; a financing restructure for the Invercargill Central Mall, the future for Esk St West and Wachner Place and a policy on how we manage CCTV.

Finance and Projects Committee Chair, Councillor Grant Dermody, said major work to rejuvenate and rebuild the Invercargill CBD began in 2020 and this consultation outlines its next steps.

“Council is committed to supporting the economic development of Invercargill and Bluff. Building on the momentum created by these developments is the next step in our growth.” Dermody said.

The community are being asked to consider how Council can integrate the new city centre through Wachner Pl to the new hotel on Esk Street West, restructure the balance sheet of the new Invercargill Central mall and a draft CCTV policy, he said.

“We need to think about how we welcome visitors to our city and connect them to the city centre. Making the entrance through Wachner Place as engaging as possible is critical.”

Council is also considering ways to continue to nurture growth and development by supporting Invercargill Central. Two options are to be considered in terms of Council’s holding company providing additional share equity and Council potentially an increased loan facility for longer.

Acting Group Manager Finance and Assurance Patricia Christie said both options will increase Invercargill Central’s financial security but have different risks and benefits for Council.

“Neither option will increase rates,” Christie said.

Dermody said the community were also invited to give feedback on the new CCTV Policy being developed by Council, which will cover things like where new cameras can be located, how Council will make sure the public know about them, and how they will keep the footage secure.

“We have listened to our community in terms of ensuring we have safe communities by making the investment in the CCTV project. We now need to strike a balalnce between public safety while meeting our obligations in terms of privacy.”

The community is invited to give feedback on which options they prefer during the Moving forward with City Block and City Centre Streets consultation period, which runs from 14 September to 14 October 2023.

More information, including the information from earlier consultations on City Block and city centre streets is available at https://letstalk.icc.govt.nz/city-block-west .

People can view copies on request at the Te Hīnaki Civic Building, the Bluff Service Centre and the Invercargill Public Library and the Murihiku Marae, or by contacting the policy team on policy@icc.govt.nz or by phoning 03 211 1777.

Council will also be hosting a Facebook Live on 27 September, where the community will have the opportunity to hear about the options and ask questions, and will also be out and about at Invercargill Central on 23 September.