The Council is required under the Responsible Gambling Act 2003 to take a role regarding the location of new venues and the numbers of gambling machines at non-casino venues within the Invercargill City area.

A new venue requires consent from the Council before the Internal Affairs Department will consider an application for a site licence. Once a site licence has been approved the Council will monitor the venue premises regularly.

Electronic Gaming Machine Venue Policy

Applicants and licencees should familiarise themselves and their staff with the current Electronic Gaming Machine Venue Policy.

The policy document details objectives of the policy, zones where new gaming machine venues may be established, the total number of machines in the district, number of venues, host responsibility to encourage responsible gambling, liquor licensing and restricted entry, procedure.

Fees and charges

Gambling Policy Submission

Please note that submissions, including names and addresses, will be included in paper which are available to the public.    

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