Lottery Environment and Heritage Grants

Who can apply?

Community organizations (no private or commercial owners) can apply to the Lottery Environment and Heritage Committee for funding grants for projects which ‘promote, protect and conserve New Zealand’s natural, physical and cultural heritage’.  Such projects can include historical publications, museums, whare taonga and art galleries.

Funding criteria

This fund provides grants for plans, reports and one-off projects that will protect, conserve and promote New Zealand’s natural, cultural and physical heritage.

  • Natural heritage projects that promote, protect and/or keep our native plants (flora) and animal life (fauna) safe from harm.
  • Physical heritage projects restore, protect and/or conserve places, structures and large built objects that are important to our history.
  • Cultural heritage projects conserve, protect and/or promote collections and stories that are important to our cultural heritage and identity.

Applicants must demonstrate how their projects will benefit their community, and contribute to:

  • Increasing our access to New Zealand’s cultural heritage;
  • Preserving and protecting New Zealand’s natural environment; or
  • Preserving New Zealand’s history for future generations.

Applicants need to show how their project will meet best practice professional standards for protecting, preserving, restoring, conserving and/or displaying their building or cultural property of proven heritage significance.

The following costs are not eligible for funding:

  • Legal services
  • Architectural design (other than preliminary designs to inform a feasibility study)
  • Planning approval
  • Fundraising campaign plans
  • Business plans
  • Feasibility studies that have been completed by the funding round closing date

To request funding for a Physical Heritage project you need:

  • A project plan, timeline, and, if your project involves construction, you need to submit simple concept drawings or floor plans.
  • Resource consent (if required for the project).
  • Project budget and other extra documents (if asking for less than $250,000 you need three written quotes; if asking for more than $250,000 you need to provide a feasibility study and a quantity surveyor’s report or signed contact or three written quotes).

Applicants need to show they can provide at least 1/3 of the total project cost by the closing date of the application.

How and when to apply

Application instructions can be found HERE.  You will need to create a RealMe login to access their online system and set up a profile.

The first funding round of 2020 opens January 8 and closes on March 4.  A decision meeting will be held in early June.  View future upcoming funding dates HERE.

If you have any questions please contact the Department of Internal Affairs at or 0800 824 824.