How can ICC represent you? Representation Review on now!

Residents from Makarewa to Bluff, Otatara to Kennington – and everywhere in between – have the chance to change the way they are represented by Invercargill City Council right now.
This year, Invercargill City Council is undertaking a representation review.

Deputy Electoral Officer Michael Morris said all aspects of what makes up an elected Council is considered as part of the review, including options around wards, community boards, Maori wards, and the number of Councillors who are elected to the Council.

“This year, ICC has decided to set up a Community Panel, which was appointed in late march, to undertake the first phase of consultation with residents about how they would like to be represented,”Mr Morris said.

The Panel, Chaired by Councillor Rebecca Amundsen, includes Anna Ford, David Pottinger, Aditi Raj, and Michael Skerrett.

“The panel will be looking to ask you, our community, whether you think we should change the number of Councillors elected every three years, how they are elected, whether there should be any changes to the Bluff Community Board or if we should have more community boards, and whether we should have Māori ward in Invercargill,” Mr Morris said.

“We know there’s lots of information to think about, so we’ve put it all together in a handy booklet, which you can access on our website at”

You can also meet some of the Panel members at Long-Term Plan consultation events in the coming days. Ms Raj will be at Murihiku Marae on Monday, 19 April between 1pm and 3pm, and Ms Ford will be at Countdown Tay Street during the busy lunch hour on Wednesday, 21 April.

Mr Morris said the feedback from the community during this phase of the review will contribute to Council’s final proposal, which will be consulted upon again, before being adopted so that any changes can be implemented in time for the 2022 Elections.