HWCP inner city block development

The Council approved a resource consent application from HWCP Management Limited to develop a block of land within the inner city. The block is bounded by the east side of Dee Street, the south side of Esk Street, the west side of Kelvin Street and the north side of Tay Street.

The first element of the application is the demolition of a number of buildings. This includes two Category II buildings which are on the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga register.

HWCP image CBD block development 1
Retail entrance visualisation. Click the image for a larger version.

Thirteen buildings identified as sites of local significance on the Heritage Record in the Invercargill City District Plan are proposed to be demolished, while the facades of three heritage buildings will be retained. A Category I Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga registered building will be incorporated into the development.

The second element of the application is the redevelopment of the site. The redevelopment will include a range of food and dining outlets and associated outdoor dining spaces. The applicant also proposes to construct a variety of retail outlets, including a large anchor retailer and boutique shops.  There will also be office space, apartments, a medical centre, civic facilities, a piazza and a multi-level carpark.

Application to amend resource consent conditions

On 18 November 2019 an application was approved to vary a number of conditions of the resource consent.

Commissioner’s Decision on the Changes of Consent Conditions – November 2019

Invercargill City Council s42A Report – Recommendations on changes of conditions

Application for the variation of consent conditions – 2019

Variations to conditions as sought by the consent holder – 2019

Decision of Commissioners on HWCP Application

The decision on the HWCP application was released on Tuesday 4 June 2019. Link to full decision below:

Decision of Commissioners 

The appeal period for this application closed on 25 June 2019. No appeals were received

The Hearing Process

The Chair of the Hearings Panel, Commissioner John Maassen issued three minutes in respect of the Hearing. The Hearing began on Monday 25 March 2019 at 9.30am in the Council Chamber, First Floor, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill.

Minute 1 – Hearing and Pre-Circulation of Evidence – 4 February 2019

Minute 2 – Operation of the Hearing – 14 March 2019

Minute 3 – Opportunity for further input by the applicant and submitters – 11 April 2019

Note: Erratum (change) to this Minute: The word “preceded” in paragraph 4 (a) should read “followed”

Minute 4 – Timeframe for release of the  Decision  – 23 May 2019

Responses to Minute 3

Response from Submitters
Response from H and J Smith Holdings Ltd
s42a Conditons – Amended Post hearing- H and J Smith Holdings Ltd
Response from Vicky Henry
Response From Bob Simpson
Response from Gaire Thompson

Response from Applicants
Final Response on behalf of HWCP
s42a conditions – H&J Smith commented track changes
s42a conditions – Amended Post H&J Final Submissions
Ground Floor Areas – Proposed

Council’s Section S42A Report
The Council’s S42A report under the Resource Management Act regarding
the HWCP’s proposed development in the block bounded by Dee, Tay, Esk|
and Kelvin Streets is available below:

Invercargill City Council S42A Report – HWCP Ltd

The applicants’ statements of evidence:

Statement of Evidence – Scott O’Donnell – HWCP
Statement of Evidence – Geoffrey Thomson – HWCP
Statement of Evidence – Tom Campbell
Statement of Evidence – James Burgess – Architecture and Urban Design
Statement of Evidence – Hayden Cawte – Heritage
Statement of Evidence – Jay Baththana – Traffic and Transportation
Statement of Evidence – Geoff Cotton – Project Management Construction Methodology
Statement of Evidence – Christine McMillan – Planning

Supplementary Statement of Evidence Christine McMillan

Legal Submissions on behalf of the applicant
Legal Submissions

Documentation Presented At the Hearing On Behalf Of The Applicant 

Dr Hayden Cawte – Heritage Summary
James Burgess – Visual Presentation Of Proposed Development (Includes facade ordering analysis)
Graham McDougall and Andrew Marriott – Sesmic Assessments
Jay Bathathana- Rebuttal Evidence
Geoffery Cotton – Rebuttal Evidence
Scott O’Donnell – Historic CBD A Way Forward

Information from the applicant as requested by the Hearings Commissioners

Covering letter
S42a conditions – Amended Post Hearing
Statistical Dataset requested by Chair of Hearings Panel
Letter from BMC Engineers – Demolition Comments
Resource Consent Amendments – Design Statement

Statement from ICC Chief Executive Clare Hadley

Statement on behalf of the Invercargill City Council

Evidence and Statements from submitters

Evidence of Duncan McKenzie
Evidence of Bob Simpson

Traffic Safety Evidence Jeremy Byfield on behalf of New Zealand Transport Agency

Planning Evidence Carey Vivian for H&J Smith Ltd
Economic Evidence Natalie Hampson for H&J Smith Ltd

Hearing Statement on behalf of Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga

Documentation Presented by Submitters at the Hearing

Christine Henderson
Vicky Henry
Neighbouring Retail Group
Peter Robinson NZTA Evidence
Graeme Todd Opening Submissions for H&J Smith Holdings Ltd
Jason Smith Evidence for H&J Smith Holdings Ltd
Rachael Egerton
Bob Simpson
Joan Scarlett Submission on Behalf of Bruce Maher
Duncan McKenzie
Carla Forbes

Further information from the applicant

The applicant was requested to provide further information in respect of matters raised by Council’s planning consultant and submitters.

Request for Further Information

The information from the applicant is listed below:

00.1 RFI Response – Bonisch Consultants

00.2 Holland Beckett -Letter to client regarding changes to application

1 Buchan Resource Consent Amendments – 20190201 LOW

2 Resource Consents Areas

3.1 Heritage Properties Assessment of Change

3.2 Invercargill Central HIA Addendum January 2019

4 Abley HWCP Mixed-use Development RFI Letter 20190211

5 Abley HWCP Amended Integrated Transport Assessment 20190211

6 Telfer Young Valuation

7.1 WT Partnership email

7.2 WT Partnership 67 Esk Street (Southland Times)_1908

7.3 WT Partnership Sthld Times – 67% NBS High Level 2019 rev1

7.4 WT Partnership – 100% assessment

8.1 BMC Southland Times 100% Strengthening Report – Rev A

8.2 BMC- Southland Times 100% Strengthening Drwgs – Rev C1

9 Thayer-Thomson

10 Demoliton Management Plan for Downtown

11 UoA Demolition Submission (final rev 3)

The application, appendices and supporting information

The application documents have  been split into two sections:

Section 1:

Planning Land Use Consent Application 

Assessment of Environmental Effects Among the topics: Site Description, Description of Activity, District Plan Assessment, Consideration of Alternatives, Assessment of Actual and Potential Effects, Positive Effects, Consultation, Conclusion.

Section 2: Appendices, consultation and related documents

Appendix A – Design Statement and Plans (28MB, includes visualisations)
Appendix B – Integrated Transport Assessment (10MB)
Appendix C – Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix C – Part 1 (24MB)
Appendix C – Part 2 (27MB)
Appendix C – Part 3 (22MB)
Appendix C – Part 4 (20MB)
Appendix C – Part 5 (27MB)
Appendix C – Part 6 (25MB)
Appendix C – Part 7 (27MB)
Appendix C – Part 8 (6MB)

Appendix D – Detailed Seismic Assessments (DSA), Initial Seismic Assements (ISA) and Summary.

Appendix D – 01 – 33 Dee Street – DSA
Appendix D – 02 – 67 Esk Street DSA
Appendix D – 03 – 8-17 Cambridge Place ISA
Appendix D – 04 – 19-21 Cambridge Place ISA
Appendix D – 05 – 7 Dee Street ISA
Appendix D – 06 – 9 Dee Street ISA
Appendix D – 07 – 31 Dee Street ISA
Appendix D – 08 – 35 Esk Street ISA
Appendix D – 09 – 37 Esk Street ISA
Appendix D – 10 – 53 Esk Street ISA 
Appendix D – 11 – 59-61 Esk Street ISA
Appendix D – 12 – 2-10 Kelvin Street ISA
Appendix D – 13 – 12-16 Kelvin Street ISA
Appendix D – 14 – 18 Kelvin Street ISA
Appendix D – 15 – 30 Tay Street ISA
Appendix D – 16 – 36 Tay Street ISA
Appendix D – 17 – 40 Tay Street ISA
Appendix D – 18 – 42 Tay Street ISA
Appendix D – 19 – 48 Tay Steet ISA
Appendix D – 20 – 49 Esk Street ISA
Appendix D – 21 – 50 Tay Street ISA
Appendix D – 21 – 50 Tay Street ISA
Appendix D – 22 – 58 Tay Street ISA
Appendix D – 23 – Summary of Structural Information
Appendix D – 24 – Seismic Ratings Summary Diagram

Appendix E – Demolition Management Plan

Appendix F – Noise Assessments

Appendix F – Residential Activity Report
Appendix F -Demolition and Construction Noise and Vibration Report

Appendix G – HWCP – Appendix G Preliminary Site Investigation (16MB)

Appendix H – Retail Assessment

CBD Development Retail Impact
Comment on Rental Demands and Returns on Building Stock in the Invercargill CBD

Appendix I – Community Consultation – Pop Up Shop Feedback

Appendix J – Key Stakeholders’ Letters of Support

Chamber of Commerce
H&J Smith
Mayoral Forum
Southern Institute of Technology

Appendix K – Legal Opinion

Appendix L – Estimates: Facade Retainment Estimate, Government Life Building replacement feasibility estimate, and  Southland Times facade retainment and strengthening to 67% NBS feasibility estimate

Appendix M – Certificates of Title and Planning Maps. If copies are required please email ResourceConsents@icc.govt.nz.

Related documents:

Public Notice – HWCP application
Planning Hearing Procedures

Contact ICC Planning team by phone (03) 2111 777 or email ResourceConsents@icc.govt.nz if you have any questions about the application.