ILT hotel application

The Council received a resource consent application from the Invercargill Licensing Trust to erect a new hotel on the corner of Don and Dee Streets.

One element of the application was to demolish a Class 2 heritage building (the former T & G building), along with other buildings which do not have a heritage classification. The T & G building is protected by the Invercargill City District Plan but is not on Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga’s protection list.

Another element of the application was to construct and operate a new, eight-level hotel which would incorporate 80 hotel suites, a restaurant, café, bars, function spaces, car parking, and other guest facilities.

Submissions closed on Thursday, 13 September 2018.



Commissioner’s Decision

The decision of the Hearings Commissioner, Mr John Maassen, says in part: “I am satisfied that this application is very worthy of approval and should be granted. It meets the environmental outcomes of the Plan by a large margin.”

Decision of Commissioner


The hearing process

The hearing was held in the Invercargill City Council Chambers, Esk Street, starting on Wednesday, 28 November 2018, at 9.30am. The Hearings Commissioner, Mr John Maassen, issued directions relating to the hearing:

Hearing and Pre-Circulation of Evidence – 26 September 2018

The Council’s S42A report under the Resource Management Act regarding the Invercargill Licensing Trust’s proposed hotel on the corner of Don and Dee Street is available below:

Invercargill City Council S42A Report

The applicants’ experts’ statements of evidence:

Statement of Evidence of Dr Hayden Cawte – Heritage
Statement of Evidence of Chris Ramsay – Invercargill Licensing Trust
Statement of Evidence of Ian Anderson – Urban Design
Statement of Evidence of Andrew Leckie – Traffic
Statement of Evidence of Jeremy Trevathan – Acoustic
Statement of Evidence of Maurice Dale – Planning

Legal submissions on behalf of the Applicant

Legal Submissions

Statement of Evidence for submitter Cain Duncan

Statement of Evidence of Cain Duncan

Joint Planning Bundle from the Applicant’s and Council’s Planners

Joint Planning Bundle documents


The application, appendices and supporting information

The application documents have  been split into two sections:

Section 1

The first part of the documentation contains the Introduction, Applicant and Property Details, Site Description, Description of the Proposal, Reasons for the Application, Assessment of Environmental Effects, Statutory Assessment and Consultation.

Section 2
The second part of the documentation includes 17 appendices:

Appendix 1 – Application Form
Appendix 2 – Computer Freehold Register
Appendix 3 – Development Plans
Appendix 4 – Design Statement
Appendix 5 – Initial Heritage Assessment
Appendix 6 – Heritage Assessment Addendum
Appendix 7 – Structural Assessment
Appendix 8 – Heritage Building Strengthening Options
Appendix 9 – Facade Retention Assessment
Appendix 10 – Heritage Building and Facade Strengthening Cost Estimate
Appendix 11 – Commercial Feasibility Assessment
Appendix 12 – Integrated Transportation Assessment
Appendix 13 – Hazardous Substances Assessment
Appendix 14 – Preliminary Demolition Management Plan
Appendix 15 – Construction Noise and Vibration Assessment
Appendix 16 – Preliminary Site Investigation
Appendix 17 – Written Approvals


Consultation and related documents

Related documents included Submission form, Public Notice and Planning Hearing Procedures. Submissions closed on Thursday, 13 September 2018.