ILT hotel hearing

A date has been set for a hearing to consider the Invercargill Licensing Trust’s application to build a new hotel on the corner of Don and Dee Streets, which will breach some of the standards of the Business 1 zone in the Invercargill City District Plan.

The application also includes the demolition of the former T & G building (a Class 2 Heritage building) and other buildings which do not have heritage protection.

The hearing will begin on 28 November 2018 at 9.30am in the Council Chambers. Independent commissioner John Maassen will consider and decide the application.

The application was publicly notified and submissions closed on September 13. Council received 18 submissions: 11 were in support, five were opposed, and two were neutral. Seven of the submitters have indicated that they wish to be heard, and they now have a right to present their points of view at the hearing.

The Commissioner has requested pre-circulation of evidence prior to the hearing. The Council’s Section 42A report is to be circulated by October 30, and the applicant’s brief of evidence must then be filed with the Council by November 13.

The ILT application is available on this Council website page.