Application to undertake work or hold an event in our road corridor

To apply for a Corridor Access Request (CAR) and approval of Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) within the road corridor, please register/login via the link below:

MyWorksites Support Portal – register
MyWorksites – login

For any excavation (digging, drilling, resurfacing, or installing pipes, ducts, or other structures), you will need to be an approved contractor and submit a TMP by a practicing TTM Planner.

Any non-excavations (accessing manholes, cleaning/painting buildings, building repairs, transporting materials, tree trimming) and street events (parades, festivals, sports), require a TMP to be submitted by a practicing TTM Planner

Applications must be submitted within the following minimum working days:
5 working days for minor works
15 working days for major works 
42 working days for event road closure

Please see Roading Forms for other permits such as scaffolding, containers, skip bins, mobile food vendors, stalls, and street days

If you require any assistance, please email