Roading assets

The Council owns and maintains numerous roading assets, including those listed here:

51 spanning a total length of 1436 metres

Bus shelters
68 in the city

Cycle lanes and tracks
Cycle lanes 38km, cycle tracks 5.8km

 316 including the clock tower, advertising boards, benches…

 Asphalt 303km, concrete 166km, other 30km, vehicle crossings 19,200

Parking meters

Roading markings
582km in total length.
Includes bus stops, centre lines, edge lines, fire hydrants, give way, no over-taking, parking meter bay markings, etc.

290.3km urban (of which 2.8km is unsealed, 287.6km sealed),
300km rural (of which 122km is unsealed, 178km sealed)

Drainage structures
 5700 sumps, culverts, manholes, catchpits, cleaning eyes etc.

Street lights
4216 poles, 5709 lights

Traffic signals
127 units at 16 locations

Traffic signs
 9426 signs with 6190 sign posts

Contract Asset Maintenance

In addition the Council maintains various roading assets on behalf of other owners such as the NZ Transport Agency. For example there are actually 29 sites where traffic signals are located in Invercargill, of which 16 are owned and maintained by the Council and 13 are owned by the NZTA but maintained by the Council.

Asset details as at January 21, 2010.