Weed spraying

Weed spraying

Invercargill City Council undertakes district wide weed spraying two times a year on the road reserve outside residential and rural properties, with a pest plant spraying round once per year.

 Please note this does not apply to areas of your property that boarder ICC reserves.

If you don’t want herbicides applied to the road frontage outside your property, you can make an application to be added to our No Spray Register. Those currently on the No Spray Register can also request to be removed.

The council does not carry out work on private property. If the weeds are coming from a neighbouring section, contact your neighbour or spray the boundary between the properties. You are entitled to control growth on your property.


Pest Plants

“Noxious weeds” are now known as “pest plants”.

Targeted species include but not limited to:

  • Blackberry
  • Broom
  • Gorse
  • Ragwort
  • Pampis
  • Convolvulus.
  • Darwins Barberry
  • Varioius Wildlings


No Spray Register

There is a “no spray” register for the District.

Conditions of being on the No Spray register include the following.  Full details are in the No spray Application form:

Urban Areas – The resident must agree to take over the control of vegetation and weeds on their street frontage from the road, including kerb and channel, to the property boundary.

Rural Sealed Roads – The resident must agree to take over the control of vegetation and weeds on their road frontage from the edge of seal in the gravel shoulder to the invert of the water table (1m to 2.5m). Where residents regularly mow their frontage, a 150mm strip shall be treated to stop grass encroaching on the road. 

Rural Unsealed Roads – the resident must agree to take over the control of vegetation and weeds on their road frontage from the gravel edge to 1.0 metre.

All Roads – Pest plants must be removed.  Roadside signs and markers must be clearly visible. If vegetation, weeds and pest plants are not controlled by the resident, Council reserves the right to spray the weeds when district spraying is undertaken. 


No Spray Application

Applications are made on an annual basis. To apply to go on the No Spray Register you will need to log a Request for Service. Contact our Customer Services team on 03 2111 777. Customer Services will take your details – including your name, contact details and the address of the property to be added to the No Spray Register. Our Road Maintenance team will then send out an application for you to complete and return. Application does not guarantee approval.

Spray periods generally start in September through to May of the following year. Meaning that a No Spray Request for the spray season must be submitted no later than July 31st (before Spray season commences).

There may or may not be a fee for an approved No Spray Application, consisting of the current marker price to supply and install, and the current administration fee as set out in ICC’s Fees & Charges for administrative staff. Any fees will be advised to you after the completed application has been processed by our team.