Co-design approach

The great thing about these projects is that they will be co-designed with the people that regularly use the spaces. This means that businesses, residents, regular visitors and the community all have a part to play in creating the activations and deciding what will make their spaces work better for everyone that uses them.

By working together we can identify which types of changes might make using the spaces even better and then work out how we might test or try out these changes.

By using temporary trials that have been co-designed we can:

  • Test new ideas cheaply
  • Involve a wide range of people from the community in decisions
  • Monitor in real time what happens and adjust if needed
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Inspire and enable positive changes.

Our principles and the strategic fit

Te waka o Waihopai Waihopai: Derived from the words Waiho and pai Waiho means to leave pai means good Waihopai therefore translate to: leave in a good place

Example: When you have a picnic in the park, ensure you take your rubbish with you to keep the place tidy. This will encourage others to utilize the park and also make you want to come back. It is ensuring it makes you feel good being there, physically, spiritually, intellectually. People will always return to a place where they feel good, feel safe, feel comfortable.

Therefore, when we learn to leave things in a good place, it makes you want to come back. Te waka o Waihopai is based on the whakatauki, “He waka eke noa” – We are all in this together. Waka is used as a means of transport and being in motion. Te waka o Waihopai means we are all moving forward as one community under the umbrella of Waihopai region.