Invercargill City Council keeps promise on less than 10% rate increase

The Invercargill City Council has today confirmed residents can expect an average 9.8% rate increase for 2024/25, following on from deliberations on its Long-term plan.

Elected members have today made a number of changes to the draft Long-term plan, as a result of both feedback and changes in the economic environment. These changes aim to reduce the impact inflation and increased interest rates will have on ratepayers.

The planned painting of the Doon Street water reservoir has been deferred until 2025/2026 and the proposed introduction of fortnightly, separate glass recycling has been rejected, with a request that Wastenet reconsider future options for glass recycling.

Investment in emissions reduction activities will continue, but at the lower level of $100,000.

Following the removal of Government subsidies, Council has made the decision not to extend current bus services at the start and end of the day, but has committed to a full review of the current offering.

Proposed funds budgeted for further maintenance work on Rugby Park stadium have also been rejected, although elected members retained the funding for scoping work into a possible outdoor multi-sports precinct.

Following on from considerable public feedback the Low Mow pilot will end on 30 June 2024.

A recommendation to reduce the Community Wellbeing Fund by $65,000 has been rejected, with Councillors identifying the importance of the fund to the community. The total Community Wellbeing Fund for 2024/25 will be $565,000.

The Heritage Strategy Fund will increase from $180,000 to $200,000 as opposed to the $300,000 recommended in the draft Long-term plan, and funding to Great South will rise by a lower level of $72,500 compared to the $145,000 originally recommended.

Combined, these changes will ensure that the average rate increase will not exceed 10%, with Council’s Long-term plan due to be adopted on 25 June.