Join the conversation on city ideas

A new website has been set up so you can share your ideas on how to improve Invercargill. The site – Imagine Invercargill – is a place where anyone can add, discuss, and vote on ideas to add vibrancy to the city.

Every three years the Invercargill City Council develops a Long-Term Plan, which is a 10-year forecast for the city and projects, and a 30-year forecast for infrastructure. It is the vision that the Council looks towards for 2018-2028 so it can prepare for what is to come.

Anna Goble with Imagine Invercargill screen shots
Council Policy Analyst Anna Goble with screen shots from the Imagine Invercargill website. Click the image for a larger version.

The Council is looking to enhance the city and preserve its character while embracing innovation and change.

Council Policy Analyst Anna Goble said the Imagine Invercargill website was another tool for consulting with ratepayers as part of the Long-Term Plan process.

“Council uses various ways to consult with ratepayers, one of which is the Consultation Caravan, another is offering online surveys, which have been very popular via social media. Imagine Invercargill is another mechanism for consultation.”

Ms Goble said the new website was all about engaging with the community. “You can upload an idea, any photos or documents to go with it, then others can comment or vote on your idea.”

Two topics have already been uploaded to help get people started: welcome signs for the city  and whether the central business district should be Smokefree.

While the ideas posted on the site will not necessarily be included in the Long-Term Plan, they give Council a fresh perspective and some ideas may be considered further. Ms Goble said that people can also post to the site anonymously, which could be of use  to some who might not otherwise come forward with their ideas.

If the website proves a popular tool for consultation during the Long-Term Plan process, Ms Goble said it could be used for consultation on other projects and reports such as the Annual Plan.

To add your ideas, visit