Mayor, MP sign petition to keep local T&T open

On hearing that Invercargill’s T&T Childrenswear in Kelvin Street may be closing at the end of May, Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt, Labour MP Liz Craig and Invercargill Council City Centre Co-ordinator Kari Graber, stopped by the store on Saturday (31 March 2018) to sign a petition to keep it open.

“I was saddened to hear our local T&T may be closing,” said MP Liz Craig, “but also heartened to hear that within just a few days, several hundred people have signed the petition asking T&T to keep our local store open.”

“While online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, it still doesn’t replace the personalised service in-store shopping offers, the ability to try things on to get the perfect fit, or to come in the next day to exchange an item. Ensuring local families have a variety of options to choose from is also crucial for a vibrant central city,” Ms Craig said.

“JK Kids and Pumpkin Patch have closed – and now our local T&T is at risk of closing,” said Mayor Tim Shadbolt. “I’d like to find out why. Are they all the victims of internet shopping?”

City Centre Co-ordinator, Kari Graber said, “It’s always disappointing to lose a national retailer from a city centre.  Invercargill will experience a serious loss if T&T close its doors.

“While we understand the company has to develop new business models, we would be saddened by such a loss. The closure would mean the loss of jobs, variety of choice for consumers and another retail space to be filled.

“The staff at T&T have been exemplary at engaging with Council-led local initiatives and the petition they have been circulating shows the important connection and role they play in our community,” Ms Graber said.