Meeting to discuss future of Sandy Point facility

Whether you’re a boatie, a business owner, or simply keen on having a chat about the future of the water ski area at Sandy Point, you’re invited to a public meeting to discuss future options for the area.

Interim Parks and Recreation Manager Michele Frey said the meeting was being called to understand whether there was any interest from businesses, community groups, or organisations to ensure the boat ramp and building at the water ski area at Sandy Point would be maintained.

“This area has previously been leased, but we need to better understand who might be willing to continue to commit to looking after the area, or whether we need to explore other options,” Ms Frey said.

The public meeting will be open to anyone interested in discussing the future use of the area, which is immediately next to the well-utilised flying fox and playground.

“The playground and flying fox will continue to be maintained and cared for by ICC staff, however we do need to consider options for the building and boat ramp to make sure they continue to be safe.

The meeting will be held at Oreti Links Building on Monday, 23 November at 6pm.

The building is at the end of Links Road, which is a right-hand turn off Sandy Point Road when travelling from Dunns Road.

Anybody wishing to attend the meeting is encouraged and invited to RSVP to or phone (03) 2199070