New faces for Holdco, IAL boards

Invercargill City Holdings Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of three new directors.

Grant Lilly has been appointed as chair of Invercargill Airport Limited and Peter Carnahan and John Schol have been appointed as directors on Invercargill City Holdings Limited.

Mr Lilly has an extensive background in the aviation and tourism industries, having just completed terms as a board member on the Queenstown Airport Corporation and Civil Aviation Authority and Aviation Security Service.

In addition, Mr Lilly has previous experience in management roles within airlines and tourism operations generally.

The Board of Invercargill City Holdings Limited considers that Mr Lilly is well placed to guide Invercargill Airport Limited as it seeks to take advantage of the opportunities available to it as a result of the strong stewardship and relationships that have been developed by Tommy Foggo during his time as chair.

Mr Carnahan has a broad range of board and senior management experience that will be of assistance to Invercargill City Holdings Limited.

Mr Schol is the chief executive officer of Malloch McClean and will add to the breadth of the board capacity.