November target for McDonald’s

The South Invercargill McDonald’s restaurant to be built on the corner of Elles Rd and Bowmont St is likely to open in November.


The Southland Times reports franchise owner Simon Rhind as saying he expects workers to start clearing the site this week and adding: “We hope to have it open mid-November.”

Mr Rhind, who also owns the Dee St Invercargill and Gore McDonald’s, has been increasing staff numbers at the Dee St restaurant in preparation for the opening of the new restaurant. “The aim is to hire specifically for the South Invercargill restaurant so the staff are trained before we open.”

The South Invercargill restaurant will employ about 40 staff and can be open from 5.30am to midnight. There will be a 77-seat dining area and a drive-through facility. NOTE: Click the illustration for a larger image.