Online payments

Invercargill City Council’s online payments facility enables customers to pay Council debt and/or fees online, including (but not restricted to) property rates, infringements (parking, animals, building, RMA), dog registration renewals, water bills, dog impoundments, and other Council debt (debtors).

Your use of this service is subject to Invercargill City Council’s Online Services Terms and Conditions, and by using this service you accept these Terms and Conditions.

Pay online



Other debtors billings (excluding Rates or Water payments)

  • BNZ Bank Account: 02 0924 0019668 03
  • PARTICULARS field:  The name that appears on the invoice (12 spaces only available)
  • CODE field:  The text DR plus the debtor number.  For example, the debtor number from the invoice DR 34567/8 would be entered into the Code field as DR34567/8
  • REFERENCE field:  The invoice number.  If paying more than one invoice in the payment please enter the text “refer remitt” in the reference field and provide a remittance advice detailing the invoices paid to ICC Customer Support Services via email or fax.  We require the remittance advice on the same day as payment to ensure prompt and correct processing of the payment.

About us
Invercargill City Council is a New Zealand based Local Authority for trading/registration purposes. Online payments processed through our Online Services will appear on your statement as ‘Invercargill CC’.

Payment types
You can make online payments using any of the following methods:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard
  • Account to Account: ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwi Bank, TSB, Westpac

Please note we will no longer accept cheques from 30 April 2021

Credit card online merchant service fee
There is a 1.70 per cent (of your payment amount) merchant service fee, per transaction for credit card payments ONLY. This is a Bank of New Zealand (Invercargill City Council’s banking provider) charge and is subject to change.

Other fees
Check with your banking provider for any other fees or charges that may apply. This transaction is carried out on the terms of the arrangement between you and your banking provider.

Processing time
Be sure to allow time before your payment due date for processing the transaction. Generally, payments received before 10.30 p.m. New Zealand time on any business day will be processed the same day and transactions received after 10.30 p.m. will be processed on the next business day.

Currency conversion
Your account will be charged in New Zealand Dollars. If you make a payment with a credit card issued outside of New Zealand, any currency conversion will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the card. Your card issuer may charge currency conversion fees.

Refund Policy
Invercargill City Council does not provide refunds to credit cards or account to account. Upon acceptance, applications for refunds (providing proof of overpayment) will be processed manually and paid by direct credit.

Payment confirmation
We will email you a payment confirmation upon request only if you provide an email address.

Secure payment
Invercargill City Council does not collect or save credit card or account to account information. After confirming details of your payment and entering an amount you will be directed to a secure Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant web page hosted by DPS (Direct Payment Solutions) to enter payment details. For more information regarding secure online payment transactions please read the DPS privacy policy.