Parking tickets

If you park, or even stop, in a restricted area, you could be issued with a ticket. Restricted areas include broken yellow lines, bus stops and pedestrian crossings.  Council’s parking compliance staff also issue tickets to vehicles failing to display current warrants of fitness and registration labels.

If you park on an access parking space or disabled parking space without a permit, you will be issued with a ticket.  If you park at a metered space you can only stay for the time limit stated on the meter and then you must move on.

If you receive a parking ticket you have 28 days to pay or 56 days to submit a written explanation to the Council. The reverse side of the ticket lists your rights of appeal. If you own a vehicle you are liable for any tickets it may receive, even if you were not driving the vehicle when the tickets were issued.

If you own a vehicle and have a ticket sent to you but you were not the driver at the time of the offence and you choose to transfer liability for this offence, you must complete a Statutory Declaration form.


Pay using credit card

You can pay your parking fines on our Online Payments system.


Pay using internet banking

BNZ bank account: 02 0924 0019668 03
Particulars field: Name
Code field: Ticket Number
Reference field: Registration Number


Parking compliance fees

Refer to the our Fees & Charges page under Compliance:


Dispute a parking ticket

You have 56 days from the time you receive a parking ticket to submit an appeal.

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Please note

If you receive a parking ticket and it remains unpaid, it is lodged with the Ministry of Justice and a Court cost (which is currently $30) is added to the parking ticket fee. If the fee remains unpaid and the Court is required to take action further Court costs are added.