Paterson Reserve

Environmental Reserve Management Plan

Location and Access

Situated at 34 Spence Avenue, Otatara, Paterson Reserve is one of the only reserves at present in this area with visible street frontage.

Paterson Reserve is located to the west of Spence Avenue and backs onto Bowman’s Bush.

Pedestrian access to the Reserve is from Spence Avenue and Ruru Avenue via Bowman’s Bush.  Vehicle access ends at the Spence Avenue or Ruru Avenue roadsides.

There is a link through to Ruru Ave via an informal grass trail, boardwalk, a bridge and walking tracks through Bowman’s Bush.

General Use

The reserve provides natural surroundings and an open space for public use, enjoyment and recreation at any time.

A walking trail links through to Ruru Ave, via Bowman’s Bush. Once crossing the bridge and entering Bowman’s Bush the track becomes a loop.