Red Tussock Reserve

Environmental Reserve Management Plan

Location and Access

Red Tussock Reserve is located on the eastern edge of Invercargill, adjacent to Rockdale Road. It is south of the Otepuni Creek and the Southland Crematorium.

The Reserve is surrounded to the east and south by farmland and to the west by Rockdale Road, industrial sections and residential housing.

The Reserve is almost surrounded by a flood bank that lies to the north, east and some distance south of the Reserve, separating it from the Otepuni and its floodwaters.  This forms a physical boundary to the Reserve.  Rockdale Road forms the remaining boundary.

There is currently no formed public access into Red Tussock Reserve.  However, unformed pedestrian access can be gained through a gate off Rockdale Road.

Amenity Value

Red Tussock Reserve contains a remnant of red tussock (Chionochloa rubra) that is the only one of its kind within the Invercargill City area.  Such areas of tussock are uncommon and very fragmented throughout the region, making them locally significant.

Recreational Use

Red Tussock Reserve currently provides minimal recreational opportunities in order to control these human influences.  The primary purpose is to protect the Reserve’s scenic and conservation values for future generations.

An unformed walkway from the gate off Rockdale Road provides a short walk along the flood bank.  The flood bank provides views over the Reserve.