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Comments and inquiries about Parks and Reserves in Invercargill and Bluff are welcome. Contact the staff by phone during business hours at (03) 219 9070 or after hours at   (03) 211 1679. The email address is


Omaui Reserve easement

The Invercargill City Council intends to grant an easement over Omaui Reserve to formalise the current access way in use by the property at 182 Mokomoko Road, Omaui.

The easement has been drafted without an explicit restriction on public access. The property at 182 Mokomoko Road has a driveway and shed that currently extend into the Omaui Reserve, which is why an easement is necessary. As this has the effect of restricting public access to a reserve, which as a reserve should have public access, it is important to ask for public feedback on the proposal. Related documents:

Omaui consultation document 2018
Public Notice
Submission form

NOTE: Submissions close at 4pm on Friday, 30 November 2018.


Environmental Reserves booklet

The Parks Division has published a full-colour booklet featuring the Environmental Reserves in and around Invercargill and Bluff. The booklet (pictured) includes photos, descriptions and facilities available at the most popular reserves, and a comprehensive map.

While Parks still prioritises the retention of the indigenous vegetation, the reserves offer important recreational resources to visitors. They provide opportunities for walking/running, picnicking and also act as educational classrooms.

Download the Environmental Reserves Map from the brochure; it locates the 22 Environmental Reserves managed by Parks. The brochure itself is available from the Queens Park Office: phone (03) 219 9070 or email


Public vehicle access through Queens Park

The main gates at Queens Park will no longer be open to vehicular traffic on Wednesdays from 1pm to 4pm. The Council made the decision at its meeting on 7 March 2017. Arrangements can be made by contacting the Parks Office: phone (03) 219 9070 or email


No firewood permits

Sandy Point firewood permits will not be issued in the foreseeable future because of the lack of public access to the areas being harvested.


Chinese Garden

A Chinese Traditional Garden is to be constructed in Queens Park. It will be established as a friendship garden and represent the sister city relationship with Suqian in China (click on the images below for larger versions).

A recent visit to Suqian by a delegation from the Council helped form plans for gardens here and in China. Suqian has already begun plans on a friendship garden for Invercargill that will be the first of its kind in the city’s Santai Mountain Park.

The new local garden will be funded Artist's aerial view of the planned Chinese Gardenthrough funds set aside in the Long-Term Plan for Queens Park Specialist Displays and from Parks Special Funds Reserves Development and from surpluses in the Parks Business unit. The funding from the Special Funds Area Reserves Development will be a change from what was agreed in the Long-Term Plan and the total cost of the new garden will be approximately $600,000.

The new garden will be another stunning addition to Invercargill’s award-winning Park and help build the relationship with Suqian in the same way the Japanese garden has done with Kumagaya.

See sketch plan of the Chinese Traditional Garden with key features annotated.


 Policy for UAVs in Parks and Reserves

Drones - UAV policyThe Invercargill City Council seeks to minimise the potential for negative effects such as noise or injury on neighbouring properties and to other park users through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in certain Council land or reserves. It also seeks to protect the privacy of people. UAV operations in breach of this policy or the Civil Aviation Rules could lead to a fine, a written warning, or prosecution by the Civil Aviation Authority. The policy document includes maps showing specific areas within seven Parks and Reserves where it is permitted to use UAVs without need for consent.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles booking form