Parks Week 2022

Welcome to Parks Week!

The Parks and Recreation department has hidden five bird and five plant rubbing tiles across a range of parks in Invercargill. We encourage you to go out and find them, record them and claim your limited edition badge!


Where to look


How to enter

Once you’ve found one of our special rubbing tiles, lay your piece of paper over the top and rub a crayon or pencil across to reveal the plant or bird hidden! You can use a piece of paper from home or you can print our special form at the bottom of this page.

You can complete either the birds or the plants to secure your prize but why not do both and get two!

From Monday 21 March, bring your completed entry form to the Invercargill Public Library at 50 Dee Street to receive your limited edition badge(s).

Please note:

  • A minimum number of 3 rubbings is required in order to receive each respective badge.
  • Badges can be picked up from Thursday 21 April

Have fun in our parks and happy hunting!


🖨️ Entry form


🐦 Colouring activity