Kennington Recreation Reserve

Rural Reserves Management Plan

Location and Access

Kennington Reserve is located approximately 8km east from the centre of Invercargill City (5km east of Racecourse Road – State Highway 1 intersection). Rimu Road bounds the reserve to the west and Second Street to the south. The remaining two boundaries are bounded by residential houses.

The reserve has public access from Rimu Road to the west and Second Street to the south. No on-site parking is provided.


The western entrance to the reserve is marked by a war memorial, which leads through to tennis/netball courts. A 2.75m high fence surrounds the court and is in excellent condition. Beside the courts are two swings.

There are also a number of buildings on the southern boundary, which are in various states of disrepair. These include two sets of two toilets (each set having had one toilet removed and one set is boarded up) and a shelter in poor condition.

The lower portion of the reserve is relatively undeveloped and is characterised by a large grass area surrounded by large shelter trees. The area contains a barbecue area built into the bank and a concrete foundation (2m x 2m).

It provides visitors to the area with play equipment, a tennis court and an open grassed area for other recreational activities.


Two swings are located beside the tennis courts