Waverley Park

Sports Fields Reserves Management Plan

Location and Access

Waverley Park is situated on the northern side of St Andrew Street between Exmouth Street and Ward Street, with the northern boundary being the residential area on Abbot and Joseph Streets.

Waverley Park fronts onto St Andrew Street, Exmouth Street and Ward Street, allowing pedestrian access from these three sides, as well as one fixed pedestrian access from Joseph Street to King Street.  Vehicular access is only to the car parks.

Recreational Use

Waverley Park is used mainly for outdoor recreation.

The following clubs and organisations use the park for all or part of the year:

  • Star Rugby Football Club
  • Old Boys Association Football Club
  • Waverley Bowling Club
  • City Cricket League

The park contains two rugby fields, two soccer fields and two bowling greens.

Recreational activities are mainly confined to weekend competitions and at night for training, with occasional organised social games as approved by the Parks and Recreation Division.

Apart from the prepared surfaces of the bowling greens which are maintained and controlled by the Club, the balance of the grassed area in the park becomes an open space for public use, enjoyment and recreation at any time when approved organised activities are not in progress.