Donovan Park


Donovan Restaurant

The building and grounds that were once the Donovan family residence were restored and modified in the early 1980s and since then have been leased for use as a restaurant.

Bainfield Organic Garden

A portion of land within the Donovan Park farm area is used by arrangement with the Parks Division, by the Christian Centre Charitable Trust, for the purpose of growing vegetables as part of their client rehabilitation programme. The area of land is located just to the south of the nursery.


The Municipal Nursery has been set aside for the purpose of propagating and growing-on plants for the enhancement of parks and reserves throughout Invercargill to be enjoyed by the general public, and for the preservation of parkland environs.

Car parking
Picnic tables
Sports grounds
Walking track


Public access to Donovan Park can be gained from Bainfield and McIvor Roads. Also, pedestrian access is off Northwood Avenue.

Nursery – access off McIvor Road.

Open from dawn until dusk.


Take a stroll through the semi-rural environment of Donovan Park on the northern fringe of Invercargill. Follow the informal grass trails through a combination of parkland and farmland and see a variety of animals grazing in the paddocks.

Access may be closed to some trails during lambing or fawning.

Please keep your dogs under control at all times


The summer months are popular for organised family activities, Christmas parties and work functions in the park.

The park has also been used as a venue for organised events such as equestrian and grass cart events, the small farm expo (2003) and Rural Heritage Day (2002-2009).  A concert called ‘Cherrystock’ was popular there in past years.

A+P Show

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Donovan Park Farm

Currently a significant area of land within Donovan Park is used for farming operations including sheep and deer, and the housing of rare breeds’ livestock.  Two areas within the park are also used for storage.

Sport Leases

Sports grounds

2 rugby fields

1 field for golf practice

Waikiwi Sports Grounds

Located in the southwest corner of the reserve, the sports grounds and clubrooms are leased by the Waikiwi Rugby Football Club.

Access is from Bainfield Road and pedestrian access is also available off Northwood Avenue.

The area located beside the rugby grounds is leased by Golf Southland.

Lorneville-Makarewa Pony Club

The club uses a section of land for pony club activities and events


Donovan Park is a designated dog exercise area, where dogs are permitted to be at large while under continuous surveillance and effective control. Areas not included in these designated areas include marked sports fields and the Donovan Park pond where there is a risk of disturbing wildlife. Refer to the Dog Bylaw/policy