Surrey Park

The Council recently purchased an area of land on the old Surrey Park Primary School site that adjoins Surrey Park. This land will be managed and maintained as part of Surrey Park. – 8 April 2015


Surrey Park is located between Yarrow, Tay and Isabella Streets.


Public access is off Yarrow, Tay, Isabella and Lithgow Streets.


Toilets – link to public toilets

Athletics track

Stadium Southland




Car parking

Club buildings

Netball courts

Playing fields

Picnic tables


Surrey Park Playground is made up of a combination of the former Surrey Park School playground equipment and new equipment provided from the Parks and Reserves Division.

It is now a memorial on behalf of the children who attended Surrey Park School.

Location: beside stadium

Playground equipment

Play module for younger and older users with a variety of hanging, sliding and balancing features.

Sports facilities

3 rugby fields

3 soccer fields

4 softball areas

1 athletics track


Sports Stadium

Club Buildings

Sports Clubs and Organisations

Southland Indoor Leisure Centre Charitable Trust

Athletics Southland (Grandstand)

Southland Badminton Association

Southland Softball Association

Invercargill Netball Centre

Athletics Invercargill Incorporated

St Paul’s Harrier & Athletic Club

Waihopai Association Football

Southland Society of Model Engineers

Pirates Old Boys Rugby Club

Eastside Baptist Church – Community Garden (use grounds only)

City League Cricket Club (use grounds only)

Queens Park Football (use grounds only)

Events and Bookings

Surrey Park draws in a lot of activity groups and spectators for gatherings and tournaments each year.

Many international, national and local tournaments are held at the stadium or club buildings and facilities on site.

School athletics are held annually at the athletics track.

There is car parking available for Surrey Park users.

Visit this page for our bookings

Refer to the Dog Bylaw/policy for dogs at Surrey Park