Preliminary results confirm Invercargill City Councillors

Invercargill City Council’s preliminary election results have confirmed the position of new Mayor Nobby Clark and several returning and new Councillors.

Polls for the local government elections closed at midday Saturday.

Preliminary results delivered on Sunday afternoon, after a slight delay, confirmed Invercargill has elected Nobby Clark to be Mayor, with 7260 votes.

Invercargill City Council Deputy Electoral Officer Michael Morris said the update had resulted in one change to the progress results announced yesterday, with candidate Barry Stewart moving ahead of Graham Lewis.

With only 594 special votes still to be counted, sitting Councillors Lesley Soper and Alex Crackett will also be returned, and Ria Bond and Trish Boyle were also confirmed as new councillors, he said.

The return of sitting councillors Nigel Skelt, Darren Ludlow, Ian Pottinger and Allan Arnold, and new Councillors Tom Campbell and Grant Dermody were confirmed in yesterday’s progress results.

The final two positions, currently filled by sitting Councillor Peter Kett and Barry Stewart, would be confirmed in the final results due this week, Morris said.

The voter return, excluding special votes, is currently at 51.8%, being 20,357 votes.


Preliminary Results

CLARK, Nobby 7,260

BIDDLE, Toni 4,303
LUSH, Marcus 4,262
LUDLOW, Darren 2,047
BOND, Ria Independent 595
MORTON, Tom 317
CHERNISHOV, Stevey 168
WALTER, Jacqueline Independent 110
PETERSON, Noel James 84


Council – At Large (12 vacancies)
SKELT, Nigel Dean 8,242
CAMPBELL, Tom 8,177
LUDLOW, Darren 7,876
POTTINGER, Ian 7,631
DERMODY, Grant 7,628
ARNOLD, Allan 7,470
BOND, Ria 7,050
BOYLE, Trish 6,676
SOPER, Lesley 6,460
CRACKETT, Alex 6,424
KETT, Peter Warren 6,295
STEWART, Barry 6,205

LEWIS, Graham 6,192
KING, Terry 6,021
HAPUKU, Kerry 5,546
AMUNDSEN, Rebecca 5,481
MURRELL, Rick 4,613
BROWN, Kevin 4,404
MULROONEY, Kevin 4,258
HERMAN, Karl 4,210
POTTINGER, David 4,080
SMITH, Bevan 4,020
MARSHALL, Peter 3,751
GRABER, Kari 3,582
SHADBOLT, Tim 3,332
ALLEN, Dene 3,328
LOAN, Malcolm 3,131
MORTON, Tom D 2,529
EDWARDS, Ian 2,489
KNOWLES, Francine 2,471
LOUDON, Dave 1,422
PETERSON, Noel James 1,403
BLACKBURN, Eddie 1,178


Bluff Community Board (5 vacancies)
TOPI, Tammi 707
SUTHERLAND, Justin 621
FIFE, Ray 554
STOCKWELL, Terina 544
GRAHAM, Sam 277

TORETTO, Monica 177
BAILEY, Rach 125
JARVIS, Marc 65
FERNANDEZ, Miguel 59
MOORE, Lyn New Nation Party 35


Invercargill Licensing Trust (6 vacancies)
O’BRIEN, Paddy 10,802
PRENTICE, Suzanne 9,394
NEWELL, Angela 7,465
HAWKES (HAWKSY), Graham 5,922
BELLEW, Sean 5,627
CAREY, Sheree 5,294

EVANS, Louise 5,254
MCDONALD, Reece 5,215
DIACK, Kirsten 4,285
BILLCLIFF, Mark 3,307
SANFORD, Mike 2,416
LOWE, Nigel 1,996