Proposed local alcohol policy

By Michael Morris
Acting Manager – Environmental Health

On Monday 4 November 2019 ICC, together with the Southland District Council, will publicly notify the new Proposed Local Alcohol Policy (LAP).

This is a joint Policy from both councils setting our rules and guidelines for alcohol related activities.  It covers matters such as engagement between Sensitive Premises (schools, churches and residential use) and those seeking a licence, as well as trading hours for all types of licences and provides for a range of conditions that a District Licencing Committee can impose on a licence.

This is the second Joint LAP for Southland and Invercargill, the first being adopted in 2016. The Policy was reviewed for effectiveness during that time and most parties agreed that it is effective and all agreed it is a good thing to have.

The Proposed LAP will be subject to any appeals from 4 November until 6 December 2019. Any party who submitted on the draft LAP may lodge an appeal with the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority. If no appeals are lodged then the LAP will be available for adoption on 6 December 2019.

Provisional Combined Local Alcohol Policy