Public Documents

Public documents include copies of bylaws, policies, annual plans and reports, the Long Term Council Plan (LTP), asset management and activity plans, and public consultation information.

Management plans, for example the Parks management plans, are prepared following consultation with the community. The plans contain objectives, policies and future development plans. Public consultation is essential to ensure the plans reflect the needs of the community and interested groups.

Council Activity and Performance

Organisational Performance Reports are produced every quarter.

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The Council is required by law to consult with residents and ratepayers about certain aspects of its business. This page contains details about current consultations

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Long-term plan

The Long-term Plan outline Council’s vision, community outcomes it aims to achieve, its work programme and budgets for the next 10 years.

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Annual Plan

Annual Plans are produced in the two years between the adoptions of Long Term Plans (LTPs).

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