The Council consults with residents and ratepayers, ensuring they can participate in the decision-making process. It encourages debate and viewpoints on all consultation documents as this helps the Council to make the best decisions possible based on the facts and research available at the time.


Current consultations

Environmental Reserves Omnibus Management Plan 2011–2021

Invercargill City Council is reviewing, and proposing amendments to its Environmental Reserves Omnibus Management Plan 2011- 2021.

The Environmental Reserves Management Plan shows how Council cares for and maintains the reserves in our city and wider district to ensure they can be used and enjoyed by visitors and community members alike while protecting and preserving the natural environment.

The plan sets out rules and regulations for how the reserves can be used or changed, and is reviewed regularly.

Please note: Submissions must be received by Council no later than 4pm on Friday, 30 April 2021.

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Parking Control Bylaw 2020

The Invercargill City Council is reviewing, and proposing amendments to, its Parking Control Bylaw.

The Parking Control Bylaw enables Council to control parking activities and ensure parking is enforced to protect and enhance the safety and enjoyment of the public, while providing a clear understanding of the use of roads and public walkways as well as parking restrictions.

A significant part of the Bylaw review process is a proposal to introduce a new parking zone, which will replace all old parking meters with parking kiosks as part of the introduction of a pay by plate system.

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Roading and Traffic Bylaw 2020

The Invercargill City Council is reviewing, and proposing amendments to, its Roading and Traffic Bylaw.

The primary purpose of the bylaw is to promote public safety and effectively regulate pedestrian, animal and traffic movement in the road corridors of the Invercargill City Council area as well as enhance the safety and enjoyment of the public, ensuring the functionality of the roads while providing a clear understanding of the use of roads.

Council is not proposing any significant changes to the bylaw. There has been some new sections added to it relating to cycle paths, cruising, and shared zones to better align our Bylaw with others throughout New Zealand and to provide clarity to the public.

There have also been some updates made to definitions and minor changes to some rules.

This is an opportunity for people to start giving feedback on speed limits, should they wish to.

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Hawthorndale Care Village

The Invercargill City Council has received an application for resource consent from:  The Hawthorndale Care Village Charitable Trust

The application is for the following activity:  Land use consent to construct and operate an aged care facility (the Hawthorndale Care Village) in the Residential 1 Zone, including an 86 bed residential care facility, 22 residential apartments and 19 independent living units.

The location of the proposed activity is: 40 Fairview Avenue and 32 Stuart Street, Invercargill.

Submissions closed Friday 11 September 2020

Hearing is scheduled for 17 – 18 November 2020


Commissioner’s Decision – The Hawthorndale Care Village Charitable Trust


Public notice of an application for resource consent
Hawthorndale Care Village Architectural RC issue incl amended site plan 
Further information request and applicant response
Appendix B – SL157212
Appendix B – Record of title 39554
Appendix C – Hawthorndale Care Village TIA Report – 3
Appendix D – 6-VQ423.23-CLM-RPT-001 (Hawthornedale DSI)
Appendix D – Tonkin & Taylor (2016) Ground Contamination Investigation Report
Appendix E – 3131 300423 Hawthorndale Care Village Landscape Master Plan RC issue
Appendix F – ICC Engineering Services Feedback on HCV
Appendix G – 29 April 2020 – Consultation Letter for HCV
Final Hawthorndale Care Village RCA April 2020

Further information received to support application

Letter from WSP in response to request for further information – dated 2020 07 01

Updated site plan and elevations – dated 2020 10 05

3D Image of entrance signage

Letter from WSP addressing acoustics and further clarifications – dated 23 October 2020

Altissimo Consulting – Acoustic report – dated 23 October 2020

S42A Recommendation Report

The Council’s s42A report under the Resource Management Act regarding the Hawthorndale Care Village application is below:

s42A Report

Appendix 1 – District Plan compliance table

Appendix 2 – Directly notified parties

Applicant’s Evidence for Hearing

Final HCV Brief of Evidence of Luke McSoriley

HCV Nick Hamlin evidence

HCV Sarah Hannan Evidence

HCV Sreenath Hearing Evidence

Michael Smith HCV evidence

THCVCT Resource Consent Evidence

Submitter’s Evidence for Hearing

Waka Kotahi – S Fletcher – Evidence

KA and CA Nicoll – Evidence

Recent consultations

Thank you to all those who submitted on recent consultations.  Below are details of where you can find the results of those consultations.

Extra Money for City Block?

City Block Consultation Results

City Block Consultation Page

Rates postponement and remission policy

Council has adopted a new combined Rates postponement and remission policy which includes a rates postponement scheme for people experiencing financial hardship as a result of epidemic, pandemic or natural disaster.

You can find the new policy here:
2020 06 09 – Rates Postponement and Remission Policy

Fees and Charges 2020 – 2021

Council has adopted the Fees and Charges Schedule for 2020 – 2021

You can find the new schedule here: Fees and Charges 2020 – 2021

You can also find the 2020 – 2021 Annual Plan here: Annual Plan 2020 – 2021


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