The Council consults with residents and ratepayers about certain aspects of its business. It encourages debate and viewpoints on all consultation documents as this helps the Council to make the best decisions possible based on the facts and research available at the time.

The Invercargill City Council is in the process of reviewing bylaws that were enacted in 2010. Council has bylaws that are required under the Local Government Act 2002 and these must be reviewed regularly.

Dog Rehoming and Euthanasia Review:
Independent Panel

The Invercargill City Council is looking for six local people to engage with the public and sit on an Advisory Panel for the Council’s Dog Rehoming and Euthanasia Review. Written expressions of interest referring to the skills listed above must be received by 5pm on Friday, 3 November 2017.

Check this page for all the details.


2017 Bylaw Review

Council is consulting on four bylaws. Submissions close on 27 October 2017 and may be made online (see the consultation links) or in writing (address and other details below). Related links:

Bylaw 2008/6 – Water Supply
The Invercargill City Council is reviewing an existing Bylaw to enable it to continue to regulate the terms and conditions for the sale and supply of water through its reticulation network, it also needs to be able to impose restrictions on the supply of water and address breaches where these occur.

Water Supply – Draft Bylaw
Water Supply – Statement of Proposal
Water Supply – online consultation link


Bylaw 2008/3 – Cemeteries and Crematorium
The Invercargill City Council is reviewing an existing Bylaw that addresses the issue of controlling cemeteries within the Invercargill district. Related links:

Cemeteries and Crematorium – Draft Bylaw
Cemeteries and Crematorium – Statement of Proposal
Cemeteries and Crematorium – online consultation link 


Bylaw 2012/1 – Urupa (Maori Burial Site) Te Hau Mutunga
The Invercargill City Council is reviewing an existing Bylaw that addresses the issues associated with regulating the operation of an Urupa (Maori Burial Site) at 118 Mason Road. The Burial and Cremation Act 1964 (Section 16) expressly provides for a local authority to make Bylaws to control cemeteries. Related links:

Urupa – Draft Bylaw
Urupa – Statement of Proposal
Urupa – online consultation site 


Bylaw 2008/1 – Environmental Health
The Invercargill City Council is reviewing an existing Bylaw that addresses issues associated with enhancing the safety and welfare of the public by minimising nuisance and adverse environmental health effects caused to the community, as far as is practicable through legislative means.

Environmental Health – Draft Bylaw
Environmental Health – Statement of Proposal

Environmental Health – online consultation site


1. Statements of Proposal are available online (see links above) or at at the Helpdesk of the Invercargill City Council, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill, at the Bluff Service Centre, and at the Invercargill Public Library.

2. Written submissions must:

  • Be in letter form, clearly showing the submitter’s name, address and contact phone number.
  • Be addressed to the undersigned and clearly labelled SUBMISSION – 2017 Bylaw Review
  • Indicate whether the submitter wishes to be heard by the Council in support of his/her submission.  (Note – the substance of the submission should be in writing.  Verbal presentations should be restricted to around five minutes.)
  • Be received by 5pm on Friday, 27 October 2017.



Consult South resource

Consult South provides links to public consultation information supplied by Environment Southland, Gore District Council, Invercargill City Council, Southland District Council and Venture Southland. The logos act as links to the organisations’ home pages and, when applicable, additional links to specific pages with full details about the consultations are provided.



Earlier consultations

Mayoral Forum: Southland Regional Development Proposal

The Southland Mayoral Forum is  consulting Southlanders on a proposal for the creation of a council controlled organisation (CCO) to champion and lead regional development in the region. The proposal, which has been agreed to by all Southland councils – Environment Southland, Invercargill City, Gore District and Southland District, is designed to take an all-of-Southland approach to social and economic development opportunities, including tourism. The CCO would have a skills-based board of directors, appointed by the council shareholders. The shareholders would be the four councils holding 75% of the shares, with Ngai Tahu, community and business interests holding the remaining 25% of shares. Public submissions closed on 2 October 2017.

Trade Waste Bylaw Review 2017

The Trade Waste Bylaw manages the reticulated sewerage system in the District and has proved to be an effective and efficient method of controlling discharges of trade waste. Submissions on the reviewed closed on 22 September 2017.


Smokefree Areas Policy

The Council has developed a new policy that would allow certain areas around the Invercargill City District to be a “smokefree” area. Submissions closed at 5pm on Friday, 15 September 2017.


Significant Events Bylaw

The Council is reviewing ylaw 2011/1 – Significant Events, as required under Section 158(2) of the Local Government Act 2002.  Submissions close at 5pm on Friday, 15 September 2017.


Fire Prevention (Vegetation) Bylaw Review 2017

The Government is restructuring the existing fire service, and as such, Council’s role in the future in relation to fire prevention and control will be limited. The bylaw (above) might not be required once this restructure, which is expected to occur over the 2017-2018 years, has been completed. Council proposes to extend this current bylaw with no changes required, and then review this again once the Fire Service has been restructured to either amend or revoke the bylaw. Submissions closed on 28 July 2017.

Bus Services survey for householders

The Invercargill City Council consulted on the city’s bus services via a household survey (one survey to be completed by each participating household). The survey closed on Monday, 15 May 2017.

Fee changes for Commercial Buildings

The Council consulted on a proposed change to the fees charged for the second or subsequent Certificates of Public Use (CPU) for Commercial Buildings issued under the Building Act 2004, which would see it rise from $350 to $5000.

Surrey Park classification

Invercargill City Council, as the administering body of Surrey Park, proposed that the acquired areas taken under section 40 of the Public Works Act, more particularly identified as 0.6890ha, being section 3 SO 480427 and Lot 2 DP 5294 (ex Surrey Park School site), be designated as Recreation Reserve.

2017-2018 Annual Plan

Invercargill City Council’s Annual Plan for 2017/18 represents the third year of the Long-Term Plan 2015-2025 (LTP). People were invited to submit on any of the content that was included in the LTP, as well as the content included in the consultation document. Consultation closed on 22 March 2017.

Teviot Street Reserve freehold proposal

The Council proposes that the Teviot Steet Reserve status be revoked to freehold the land for sale. Submissions on the proposal closed on Friday, 3 March 2017.

Easter trading hours

Government has provided Council with the powers to allow shops to open on Easter Sunday. The Council sought feedback to see if that was something that retailers, restaurateurs and the general public would be interested in seeing changed. The related online feedback closed on 30 September 2016. Council determined not to develop a policy.


Emergency Management

Increasing Southlanders’ awareness of natural hazards in their area is one of the goals set out in Emergency Management Southland’s draft Group Plan. Submissions on the Plan closed on 16 September 2016.


Fortuna Group

The Group wants to construct and operate a dairy hub within the Rural Sub-Area. The hub will include a contracting yard and depot, a light engineering and maintenance workshop, staff accommodation, and an administration office for a maximum of 15 staff. Submissions closed 16 September 2016.


Glengarry Crescent: proposed exchange of reserve land

The Invercargill City Council Parks Department currently occupies an area of Council land for a playground at Glengarry Crescent and intends to take over this land and classify it as a reserve by exchanging the land for the existing reserve land on the outside of the crescent. Submissions closed on 24 August 2016.

Proposal to freehold land at Chesney Street Reserve

Notice is given pursuant to Section 24(1)(b) of the Reserves Act 1977 that the Invercargill City Council as administering body of Chesney Street Reserve proposes that the reserve as more particularly identified as 1166m², being Lot 19 DP 11128, be revoked. The reason for the proposed revocation is to freehold the land for the purposes of sale. You are invited under Section 24(1)(b) of the Reserves Act 1977 to lodge written submissions on the proposal. Please forward your submission on either of the above proposals to the Parks Manager, Invercargill City Council, Private Bag 90104, Invercargill 9840. Submissions closed on Wednesday, 24 August 2016.


Library Layout Proposal 2016

The Invercargill City Library started a consultation process two years ago and has come up with a proposal it would like to get underway in January 2017. The proposed changes:

Submissions closed on Friday, 22 July 2016



Surrey Park

The Council is reviewing the 2004 Concept Plan for Surrey Park before making decisions on further developments. Written submissions closed at 4pm on Friday 8 July 2016.


Annual Plan 2016-2017

Submissions on Invercargill City Council’s Annual Plan 2016-2017 closed at 5pm on Friday, 8 April 2016.


Cook Islands Christian Church

The Cook Islands Christian Church Invercargill (Southland Branch) Society has applied to operate a Church Community Centre at 250 McQuarrie Street, Invercargill (formerly Elston Lea School). Submissions closed on 3 March 2016.


Proposed Parking, and Roading and Traffic, Bylaws

In a review of the current bylaw used to enforce parking and road use, a number of items were identified as needing to be changed to make the bylaw more effective and less confusing. The Council will repeal that bylaw and introduce two new bylaws: one for Parking and the other for Roading and Traffic. Submissions on the proposed bylaws closed on 29 January 2016.

NOTE: Fixed signwriting on a motor vehicle is exempt from the proposed Roading and Traffic Bylaw when the vehicle only includes the name and location of the business and the range of services provided. Click for details.


Variations to the Proposed District Plan

During the Hearings process, a number of issues have been raised relating to the Proposed District Plan that are not able to be addressed through decisions. The Variation process is now being used to address these matters. The Variation process allows the Council to consider changes to the Proposed District Plan before the plan is made operative. The community is able to get involved and voice support or opposition to the changes through submissions. There are currently eight variations that cover a range of issues. The submission and Further Submission periods have closed and a hearing is to be held on these Variations in March 2016.


Myross Bush Reserve: Proposed Exchange of Reserve land

The Council wishes to exchange land located at 238 Mill Road North, Invercargill including the hall and sports grounds for adjoining land located at 275 Drysdale Road. The land proposed for exchange will be classified as recreation reserve as per the Rural Reserves Omnibus Management Plan Policy 5.5.7 “Development” (page 57). Following this exchange of land Council subsequently wishes to dispose of land located at 275 Drysdale Road as advertised through the Long Term Plan as part of the ICC Parks Strategy 2013. The reason for this is because it is not currently being used for reserve purposes and is undeveloped. Submissions closed at 4pm on Friday, 16 October, 2015.

Representation Review 2015: Initial Proposal

Council is now consulting residents in Invercargill and Bluff about how they want to be represented on the Invercargill City Council in the future. The recommendations would see no changes made to the Council representation arrangements from the 2010 and 2013 elections. It is proposed that:

  • Councillors will be elected “at large”, meaning all electors can vote for any candidate they choose. There will not be a ward system.
  • Twelve Councillors will be elected to represent the entire City.
  • Council will retain the Bluff Community Board, with five elected members and one Councillor appointed by the Council.

Documentation included: Initial Proposal and Report of the Independent PanelSubmissions closed at 5pm on Tuesday, September 8.

Subdivision – 469 North Road

The Invercargill City Council has received applications for resource consents (subdivision and land use) relating to 469 North Road, Invercargill. Written submissions closed on Wednesday, 29 July 2015.

Gambling venues

The Invercargill City Council Council has reviewed its Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy and created a separate TAB Gambling Venues Policy. Submissions on the proposed changes closed on 20 July 2015.

Representation Review 2015

The Representation Review, conducted every six years,  is a chance to have a say in how the City’s Councillors are elected, how many Councillors there are in total and whether there should be community boards in certain areas. Submissions on the 2015 review  closed on 17 July 2015.

Long-Term Plan 2015-2025

The Invercargill City Council’s 2015-2025 Long-Term Plan was adopted by Councillors at an extraordinary Council meeting on 30 June 2015.  A rates increase of 3.89% for the year 2015/2016 was approved. Two versions of the plan are available on the ICC website: the full plan as a single document and the component sections (eg Fees and Charges) as separate files. The link: Long-Term Plan 2015-2025. Council produced a Consultation Document covering the key issues in the Long-Term Plan. Submissions opened on Saturday 25 April and closed at 5pm on Monday, 25 May 2015.

Kakapo and Tuatara proposal

An application has been received to construct enclosures for the housing and display of Kakapo and Tuatara on the north side of The Southland Museum and Art gallery. This will require an amendment to the Queens Park Management Plan and Council called for submissions on the proposed amendment. Submissions closed at 4pm on Friday, 8 May 2015.  Related document:  SMAG Tuatarium and Kakapo Proposal (6MB pdf)

Dog Control Bylaw and Dog Control Policy

The Invercargill City Council is in the process of changing the Animal Control Bylaw and Dog Control Policy.  Submissions closed on 8 May 2015. Related documents: Proposed Dog Control Bylaw and current Animal Control Bylaw, Proposed Dog Control Policy and current Dog Control PolicyStatement of Proposal – Dog ControlGeneral information about dogs.

 Taha – storage of hazardous substances

 Taha Asia Pacific Limited has applied for resource consent to store 11,400 tonnes of Ouvea Premix for a five-year period at 9 Matheson Road, Kennington. Ouvea Premix is classified as a Class 6 Poisonous Substance under the Invercargill City District Plan. Submissions closed on 18 March 2015.  Related documents: Taha – Land Use applicationTaha – CorrectionsTaha – Application – further details

Draft Otago-Southland Regional Land Transport Plans

Southland and Otago residents had until Friday, 6 March 2015, to make submissions on the Draft Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2015-2021. Environment Southland and the Otago Regional Council have joined forces to create a single document that looks at the transport challenges facing both regions and the best way to align roading programmes. The plans include all proposed State Highway and council projects for Southland and Otago for the next six years. To get national funding over the next three years a transport project must be included in the plans. Copies of the plans were are available on the Environment Southland website.

Rugby Park

The Council invited people to have their say about proposed options for the Southland Outdoor Stadium (Rugby Park). Submissions closed on February 13, 2015. Related document: Rugby Park Consultation Document. Extracted sections from the full consultation document: Rugby Park – Background to ProposalRugby Park – Council analysis of the optionsRugby Park – Consultation details

Representation Review Advisory Panel

The Council sought six local people to engage with the public and sit on an Advisory Panel for the Council’s 2015 Representation Review. Written expressions of interest closed at 5pm on Friday, 13 February 2015. See this document for more details about the review, the review process and what is expected from panel members.

Rating Policy for Maori Freehold Land

The Invercargill City Council has developed its Rating Policy for Maori Freehold Land. Submissions closed on Friday, 16 January 2015. Related documents: Maori Land proposed policyRates Postponement PolicyRates Remissions Policy.`

Subdivision: 41 Retreat Road

Resource consent is sought for subdivisions of 10,360 sq metres, 4372 sq metres and 4344 sq metres in the Rural Sub-Area (41 Retreat Road).Submissions closed on December 12, 2014. Related documents: ApplicationShort applicationFurther information and Scheme plan.

Regional Public Transport Plan

Submission were invited on the Regional Public Transport Plan which establishes how Council intends to achieve an affordable, integrated, safe and sustainable land transport system. Submissions closed on December 5, 2014. Related documents: Statement of ProposalRegional Public Transport Plan 2012-2015.

Uncalled capital: consultation reopened

Councillors approved reopening the consultation process and the issuing of a Clarification Document. The Clarification Document outlined changes to the original proposal document; the practicable options under consideration; the implications of each option; and clarification of issues that had caused some public confusion. Public submissions on the uncalled capital proposal closed on Friday, November 14, 2014. Related documents: ClarificationHoldco Group Debt Facility Forecast by Quarter for Council