District Plan – Operative

The District Plan is the Invercargill City Council’s statement of how it wishes to see the natural and physical resources managed, so the resources will continue to be there for future generations. Under the Resource Management Act 1991, all councils have to prepare district plans.

NOTE:  Council has carried out a full review of the Operative District Plan. The Proposed Invercargill City District Plan has been through the submission and hearings process, with decisions released in October 2016. Sixteen appeals were received on the decisions to the Proposed District Plan. Those provisions of the Proposed District Plan that were NOT the subject of an appeal are now to be treated as operative, meaning that the corresponding provisions in the Operative District Plan are to be treated as inoperative.

Please view the Proposed District Plan – Appeals Version – January 2017 which highlights the provisions that have been appealed. The Appeals themselves are also available.

Where a provision is the subject of an appeal, both the Operative District Plan and the Proposed District Plan provisions will need to be considered.

The Proposed District Plan
The District Plan Review process


Operative District Plan

The current plan has been broken up as follows to ease downloading:

Operative Plan Statement

Sections 1 to 9

Section 1 – Background and philosophy of the District Plan
Section 2 – The identification of significant Resource Management issues
Section 3 – Objectives and Policies
Section 4 – Methods of Implementation – including rules and environmental standards
Section 5 – Anticipated environmental results
Section 6 – Cross boundary issues
Section 7 – Monitoring and review
Section 8 – Definitions
Section 9A – Appendices I and II
Section 9B – Appendices III to IX

District Plan maps

Planning, hazard, airport, iwi, seismic hazard and wind zone hazard maps are available.


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District Plan maps – current

Maps for the current District Plan including Planning, Hazard, Airport, Iwi, Seismic and Wind Zone maps.

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FAQ: District Plan and Consents

This page answers frequently asked questions about the Resource Consent process and the District Plan.

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