District Plan Proposed – Appeals version – Jan 2017

The Proposed District Plan and the related planning and hazard information maps are available on this page, as is a link to the appeals, decisions and related information on the Review Process.

Decisions on the Proposed District Plan were released in October 2016. Sixteen appeals were lodged against the decisions, which are currently being processed through the legal Environment Court process.

This Appeals Version of the Proposed District Plan incorporates all of the Council’s decisions on the submissions to the Plan and highlights the particular provisions that are subject to appeals (see link below).

Where a provision is not the subject of an appeal, they are to be treated as operative, and the corresponding provisions of the Operative District Plan are therefore treated as inoperative. However, where an appeal has been lodged the relevant provisions from both the Operative and the Proposed District Plan should be considered.

As appeals are resolved, Consent Notices will be made available on the Appeals page. As the Consent Notices are issued the relevant planning text and maps will be updated.

You will be responsible for checking this page to make sure you have the most up-to-date provisions of the plan. Related links:

Operative District Plan
Review Process

Proposed District Plan (Appeals Version) January 2017

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Issues, Objectives and Policies – amended by consent orders
Section 3 – Rules – amended by consent orders
Section 4 – Definitions – amended by consent orders
Section 5a – Appendices I-VI – amended by consent orders
Section 5b – Appendices VII to XV – amended by consent orders


District Plan legend
Index map


Related maps: airport approach and seismic hazard

Airport approach – overview
Airport Approach – detail
Seismic amplification susceptibility
Seismic liquefaction susceptibility

Liquefaction Report – 2012  (Amplified Ground Shaking and Liquefaction Susceptibility report prepared for the Council by GNS Science).
Explanation of Hazard Data – January 2017

Data Sources – January 2017