Child Youth and Family Friendly Policy
(see also the Friendly brand section of the website)

Dog Control Policy
(see also the Dog Control Bylaw on the Bylaws page)

Equity and Access for People with Disabilities Policy

Gambling: Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy
Gambling: Board (TAB) Venues Gambling Policy

Liability Management Policy

Local Alcohol Policy

Local Approved Products – Psychoactive Substances

Noise Control Policy

Rates Postponement Policy
Rates Remissions Policy

Resource Management Infringement Offences Policy

Significance and Engagement Policy

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy
See also: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles booking form

Building-related policies

Dangerous Buildings Policy

Insanitary Buildings Policy


Parks-related policies and strategies

Smoke Free Parks and Reserves Policy

Parks and Reserves Strategy

Dog Control Policy

Playground Strategy – 2014
The ICC Playground Strategy was adopted by Council on 19 August 2014 and any further details will be looked at through the Long Term Plan Process.