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Council is preparing for the upcoming Long Term Plan. Councillors want to know what our community thinks about the issues our city is facing to prepare options for consultation in March. Let us know what is most important to you for the future of Waihōpai Invercargill.

How would you get our city pumping?

How would you spend our money?

As part of the lead up to the Long-term Plan the Council want to hear your views on the big projects the Council are working toward.

Use our new budget tool to let the Council know how you would get our City pumping! What projects would you prioritise – how would you spend our money?

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Upcoming Projects – What should we be prioritising?


Rugby and Surrey Park

Council owns Surrey Park as well as Rugby Park grandstand, both of which have significant maintenance and structural challenges. Council is considering what to with the grandstand at Surrey Park as well as Rugby Park repairs, but also whether an alternative location for a new build facility might be just as effective in the long term.


Anderson House

Anderson House sits in beautiful Anderson Park, with facilities for families and visitors to enjoy.   Council is working with the Anderson House Trust and potential commercial operators on options for events and entertainment. The house requires work to maintain and, once a future use is found for the House, to make it earthquake safe.


Bluff Projects

Motupōhue, Bluff has huge potential to grow as a visitor destination. Great South have been working on a tourism masterplan for Bluff. Council could invest further in improvements for visitors and locals at the Bluff boat ramp, Stirling Point, Gunn Pit Road or other locations to support growth.


Urban Playspace

Council is creating a city with heart to which people will regularly come to enjoy.  An urban playspace for all ages including children, teenagers (and up) is being considered.


City Centre Arts and Culture

In 2017, the community told Council they wanted “art in the heart” and Council planned Arts and Creativity Invercargill.  While city centre development plans have moved on since then there are significant economic and lifestyle benefits of having arts, culture and heritage attractions to draw people into the heart of the city. Should Council continue to invest in arts, culture and heritage in the City centre to attract people into the heart of the city?


Southland Museum and Art Gallery

The Museum has been closed because it does not meet required earthquake standards and Council is looking at options for storing the region’s taonga and telling its stories.


Support for the community post-Covid

Covid continues to impact on all our lives and we don’t yet know what the impact will be on our communities.  Should Council prioritise making funding available for community support if it is needed?