Public feedback considered as Master Plan pushes ahead

Feedback on the Invercargill City Centre Master Plan is being incorporated into the ongoing design as work is set to begin in the city.

Invercargill City Council today considered the feedback of community members and local businesses on the concepts set out in the Master Plan and agreed that initial work should get underway.

The Master Plan is a future-focused document that seeks to bring life, fun and activity to the centre of Invercargill. It includes some initial projects, along with a range of strategies for making the city a more exciting, attractive place to be. The plan will be implemented over the coming years, so there will be time for community feedback to influence the detailed design.

Council Group Manager – Environmental and Planning Services Darren Edwards thanked the community for taking the time to offer feedback on the plan.

“Staff have considered the views and ideas of the community, which will be taken into account in the detailed design phase of the project. Where concerns were raised about concepts, these can be considered and, where possible, influence the outcomes.

“There were some specific concerns raised by Tay Street retailers about proposals in their area; as this work is not scheduled in the initial years of the Master Plan implementation, council will be able to discuss the concepts in more detail with retailers and the community and revisit the plan before any work goes ahead.

“The Master Plan itself is the start of the process. It offers a framework for future projects, along with guidance on how we can make the city centre work better for people. The plan does not try to achieve everything all at once; along with some initial improvement projects, its aim is to set the scene for future planning.

“I’d also like to thank the members of our Governance Group for their ongoing input into the Master Plan and I look forward to continuing our work.”

Invercargill City Centre Governance Group Chair John Green said conversations would continue around the detail in the Master Plan.

“I believe we a have Master Plan that sets out a clear pathway for the revitalisation of our city centre. This is a long-term vision for a thriving city centre and there will be more conversations about the detail in key areas.

“Today’s council decision means work can get underway on the first stages of the plan, aligned with planned openings for other city centre developments. Discussions will continue throughout the life of the plan as we work to create a city with heart.”

Work will now get underway on an implementation plan for the Master Plan, with detailed design undertaken in the coming months based on the key principles and objectives.

Initial work is focused in the streets surrounding new city developments and is expected to be complete early next year in line with other opening targets.