📅 Instalment 2 rate payments are due Friday 26 November 2021

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Rates are levied as a tax on all property in compliance with the statutory provisions of the Local Government Act 2002. Rates are calculated on the valuation for each individual property. Search for your rates details on this page.

The amount of rates required is set when the Council determines its budget. Rates provide the funding required to complete the Council’s work (outlined in the Council’s Annual Plan and Long-term Plan) including the day-to-day Council operations and specific projects, such as cemeteries, community boards, drainage, economic development, parks and reserves, refuse collection roading, sewage treatment, street lighting, swimming pools, water etc.


Rating year

The rating year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 and is divided into four equal instalments. With your first invoice for the year, you will receive a Rates Assessment Notice. This notice shows the total amount of rates you will pay for the entire rating year. Throughout the year, you will receive four rates invoices – one every three months. You can expect to receive your rates invoices about one month before the due date and this MUST be paid in full and on time.


Rates dates

Deadlines for quarterly payments:

Instalment 1 – 27 August 2021
Instalment 2 – 26 November 2021
Instalment 3 – 25 February 2022
Instalment 4 – 27 May 2022


Other rates

In addition to the rates charged by Invercargill City Council, Environment Southland also rates properties in the Invercargill District. Property owners will receive separate, independent rates notices and invoices from the two councils. Check the Environment Southland website for information about its rates.


Rating Information Database

The Rating Information Database (RID) records all information for the setting and assessing of property rates and enables members of the public to have reasonable access to this information.
You have a right to inspect and, on certain grounds, object to our rating database and rates records.

The RID information cannot be given out verbally over the phone. Requests for information can be emailed to service@icc.govt.nz or by mail to Private Bag 90104 Invercargill.

The purpose of the public RID is to assist people who need to make contact with property owners for legitimate reasons, such as resource consent applications. Personal details will not be made available to any person for bulk data collection or direct marketing purposes and requests are therefore limited to three separate properties per request.


Withholding information (RID)

Owners’ names and postal addresses are included on the Rating Information Database. If an owner wishes their name, or postal address, or both to be withheld from the database, a written application, pursuant to Section 28C(2)(a) of the Act, must be made to Council.

Where the owner’s name and/or address information has been withheld in terms of Section 28 (c) of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, you can provide a written request stating the reasons why you need the information. The Council will forward the request to the property owner on your behalf.

Rates search

How to search for property details

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Rates rebates

Changes have been made to the Rates Rebate Scheme for the rating year beginning July 1 2020.

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Valuation questions answered

All your valuation questions answered here.

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Paying your rates

Payment options (including online payments, credit cards and internet banking), advice and payment forms are available on this page

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