Bill payment details

The Invercargill City Council is happy to accept payments made directly into its Bank of New Zealand account.

The following accounts details are for all types of credit billings of Council.  Because of the volume and different details of billing made by Council, it is requested that the following information to be provided with the payment to help identify what the payments are made for:

Rates and water billing

  • BNZ Bank Account: 02 0924 0019668 02
  • PARTICULARS field:  The name that appears on the invoice (12 spaces only available)
  • CODE field:  The text LRA plus the assessment number.  For example, the assessment number from the rates or water invoice LRA 99991/2 would be entered into the Code field as LRA99991/2.
  • MULTIPLE property payments: It is essential that a separate payment is set up for each separately rated property using its own particular LRA number.

Please ensure that the correct bank account is used for the type of billing and the information details added as requested above.
For more information contact the Customer Services team: Phone (03) 211 1777 , fax (03) 211 1433 or email Customer Services.